Charleston, SC– We at Big Shots were in attendance for Day 1 of Charleston Southern’s Team Camp. A.C. Flora, Keenan, West Ashley, Ashley Ridge, Bishop England, Lake City, Pinewood Prep, Hanahan, James Island, Stall, Charleston Math and Science, Whale Branch, Goose Creek, and Clarendon Hall were the 14 teams scheduled to play for Day 1. We were able to see A.C. Flora, Keenan, Whale Branch, West Ashley, Bishop England, Pinewood Prep, Hanahan, Stall, Goose Creek, and Clarendon Hall play. Here are our top performers from Day 1.


Class of 2021 A.C. Flora (SC) 6-3 PG Robert McCray– McCray looked good running most of the time at the point guard spot. He is extremely fluid with the ball in his hands and did a great job putting teammates in scoring opportunities. Where McCray can separate himself from other point guards is defensively, he is a good shot blocker for a guard. His quickness and athleticism allows him to guard smaller quicker guards as well as bigger more physical guards. McCray has a knock down outside shot making him a dangerous threat in pick and roll situations with his scoring ability as well as his play making ability. A Division 1 level PG to keep an eye the next two years.

Class of 2020 A.C. Flora (SC) 6-2 G J.B. Moore– Moore spilt some point guard duties with McCray today and did a solid job initiating offense. Where he was most effective was in the pick and roll as the primary scoring option. Moore did a good job scoring off the bounce especially from mid-range. College coaches should keep an eye on this rising senior as he is a scholarship level player.

Class of 2021 Pinewood Prep (SC) 6-4 SG Cohen Gaskins– This young shooting guard showed the ability to score from all three levels. Gaskins has a solid handle on the ball allowing him to create his own shot. He displayed the ability to finish well around the rim. Where he had it going was from three in rhythm or off the bounce. Gaskins is one we are definitely going to keep an eye on with his development over the next two years.

Class of 2020 Keenan (SC) 6-6 SF Dillon Jones– Jones is one of the most intriguing prospects around and that was on display once again today. He does a great job passing off the dribble with either his left or right hand. He has a great handle on the ball which he uses to make two play one to set up teammates for easy scoring opportunities. What was impressive about Jones today was his improved three-point shooting. He shot with more confidence from the three-point line than we have ever seen. Opening this part of his game opens up his play making ability even more. He showed why he holds many D1 offers.

Class of 2020 Keenan (SC) 6-6 W Raekwon Horton– Horton looks like he has added 10-15 pounds of muscle since we have seen him last. His versatility was on display once again today. Horton is an immediate impact 3 and D type of wing on the Division 1 level. What is going to make him so valuable on the next level is the ability to guard multiple positions. Horton has the ability to switch many pick and roll situations defensively with rarely creating a mismatch problem. We are hearing that HM schools are keeping a close eye on Horton.

Class of 2020 Whale Branch 6-8 F Nick Pringle– Pringle is a name on the recruiting trail that has been gaining steam quickly. At 6-8, he does a good job rebounding and defending the rim. He has a solid motor where he runs the floor well to create easy opportunities in the primary break. What makes Pringle an intriguing prospect is the ability to knock three-point and mid-range jump shots. He even shows the ability to bring the ball up the court to initiate offense. Pringle is without a doubt a Division 1 prospect, in our opinion. Expect his name to gain even more traction on the recruiting trail.

Class of 2020 Goose Creek (SC) 6-2 PG Jamel McGowan– McGowan seems to have relished the opportunity of taking over the point guard spot full-time. He did a great job running the offense where he was able to get his teammates in the correct spots. McGowan is a deceptive athlete who plays above the rim out in transition. McGowan showed a consistent jump shot from the three-point line and mid-range level. He is a solid D2 prospect that could work himself into a LM Division 1 prospect. He has really developed and playing with much more confidence since we saw him play in the playoffs versus Lexington (SC) last season.

Class of 2021 Goose Creek (SC) 6-4 W Xavion Bennett– What stood out the most about Bennett was his aggressive on-ball defense. Bennett took on guarding smaller quicker guards where he did a great job keeping them in-front and not allowing them to create space for themselves. He is the perfect glue guy on the wing who does all the little things that help you win games. Bennett shot the ball well from the outside today as well. We really like where he game is trending for playing on the next level. Another player to keep an eye on for the next two years.

Class of 2021 Goose Creek (SC) 6-4 SG Yaturi Bolton– Bolton was without a doubt our breakout player of the day. He was another player who took pride in picking up defensively all 94 feet. Bolton liked to get out in transition where he did a good job finishing around the rim and even had a highlight reel dunk over a defender. He was lights out from the three-point line in their match-up against Keenan (SC). Bolton is a prospect that college coaches need to put on their radar.

Class of 2020 Clarendon Hall (SC) 6-4 SG Traveon Davis– Davis put on a shooting clinic from the three-point line today. He was shooting from well beyond the three-point line as well. Even with the deep range, he was able to knock it down off the dribble. Davis a well built guard who takes on contact well and finishes through contact at a high rate. He is an explosive athlete that only needs one step to finish above the rim. Davis did a good job on the offensive glass today using his athleticism to his advantage. He is another guard who likes to get out in transition to attack the rim. Davis is a prospect that LM D1 schools need to keep a close eye on.

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