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Charleston, WV – BIG SHOTS West Virginia Top 100 has highlighted the Mountain State and surrounding region’s top talents over the last four years. BIG SHOTS WV Top 100 past MVP’s and standouts included the likes of Luke Frampton (Davidson), Chase Johnson (Florida), Jarrod West (Marshall), Elijah Cuffee (Liberty), Bryce Schneider (Richmond), Tavian Dunn Martin (Akron), Jon Kabongo, Keith Clemans, Noah Frampton (Marshall), Phil Bledsoe (Marshall), Deaundra Murphy (Marshall), Zac Ervin, Zyon Dobbs, Pau Serena (Lees Mcrae), Darhius Nunn (Glenville State), Karim Ezzidene, Trace Young, Leondre Rogers, Jalen Bridges, David Early, Amare Smith, Justin Phillips, Kaden Metheny, Luke Lerose, Riley Heatherington (Charleston), Onuralp Bitim, Ben Eke, Mikal Dawson, John Dawson among others. Let’s take a look at this years 2022-24 top performers and MVP’s:

Brady Dingess, KY’s No. 1 2022 prospect star for Big Shots Elite WV 2021

Brady Dingess 2022 5’11 PG Sheldon Clark (KY)/ Big Shots Elite WV 2021 |
Brady is the No. 1 2022 prospect in Kentucky. A star for Big Shots Elite WV 2021 on the circuit named 3-time MVP in helping lead team to a 34-4 record. Continued that standout play at Big Shots WV Top 100 earning 2022 Co-MVP honors. Brady has the offensive gift that star winning point guards have in that the game flows through him whether it be fighting pressure, scoring or dishing the ball is in his hands to make a play. And that’s a good thing because results usually end in him hitting a pull up or floater in the paint or dropping a dime. He changes gears and direction very well with a quick handle on a string, superb footwork and a high basketball IQ off a ball screen and in the break. He gets you chasing and out of position and can exploit you with a jumper or from the line. Tough as nails, gym rat, Tremendous work ethic from a player that will have played varsity since 7th Grade. He works at his game every day! Division 1 prospect that will be one to watch nationally over the years to come.


Isaac McKneely, WV’s Top 2 2022 prospect, named 2022 Co-MVP at WV Top 100

Isaac McKneely 2022 6’0 PG Poca Middle School (WV)/ Team Coal |
If you loved former Poca star Luke Frampton (Davidson) who was one of nation’s elite shooters, then you will love Isaac McKneely. The next Poca star is Luke Frampton 2.0. Same stroke, style of play, demeanor and even same hair dew to go with it. In talking with both former Poca greats Luke Frampton & Elijah Cuffee they both said without hesitation that McKneely is the real deal and going to be another great Dot! Isaac is a future D1 prospect. His length is great for his age and he plays with such poise at the guard spot. A high level stroke and fluidity to his game. Triple threat, highly skilled, efficient scorer who could do it all. His handles are exceptional for his size/length and his vertical leap is impressive. Isaac has the potential to develop into a high major prospect. Named Big Shots WV Top 100 2022 Co-MVP averaging 15 ppg.

2022 Chandler Schmidt led WV Top 100 Next in scoring at 29.5 ppg

Chandler Schmidt 2022 5’11 G St Joseph Middle School (WV)/ D1 WTTNL |
High scoring combo guard with a relentless motor. Chandler was a bucket getter all day at Big Shots WV Top 100 scoring 33 points in game one, 26 in game two for an average of 29.5 ppg. A top performer and scorer in Next division named Big Shots All Star. Always in attack mode, Chandler scored at all 3-levels. A fearless mentality with the ball in hand able to break you down and power through contact at the rim or hit the pull up at a high rate. Tough minded player that you win games with. Rebounds very well for his position, defends multiple positions. Future college prospect that is one to watch in WV’s 2022 class.
Gabe Roberts 2022 6’0′ F WV ESBA Elite |
Gabe played up and held his own against the competition scoring 15 points in game 1 and named an all star in the high school division at Big Shots WV Top 100. He is a physical, athletic point guard. He pushes in transition and gets to the rack. Gabe was impressive in a matchup vs WV’s top 2019’s Zion Dobbs and Jalen Bridges, two of the best at the camp. Quick handles plays with burst and relentless off the bounce. Finished over length and hit mid-range jumpers. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist

Dominic Schmidt 2023 5’7 G St Joseph Middle School (WV) / WV D1 WTTNL |

The Schmidt brothers are bucket getters that are coming up the ranks in WV. Like his older brother Chandler, Dominic is a scoring guard that get hit shots at all 3-levels. Averaged 20 ppg, scoring 18 points in game one, 22 points game 2. Named Big Shots WV Top 100 2023 MVP. High basketball Is PG that attacks off a ball screens and in transition. Vocal player, very coachable and a winner. One of the top performers in Next Div and a top prospect in WV’s 2023 class. Big Shots WV 2023 Watchlist. Twitter: @johnwellsi

Zavion Johnson 2022 5’1 G St Joseph Middle School (WV) / D1 WTTNL |

Zavion was a shotmaker at Big Shots WV Top 100 scoring 15 in game two averaged 11 ppg for the camp earning 2022 All Star honors. Quick trigger off the catch and is shot ready. Gets a piece of the paint on the drive scoring or dishing. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist

Qasim Burger 2022 5’7 PG Huntington Middle (WV) /ESBA ELITE |

Qasim time and time again would get the rebound and go coast to coast off the break. Scored 22 points in game one, averaged 16 ppg for the camp earning BIG SHOTS WV Top 100 2022 all star honors. Slices through the defense on drives and finishes at a high rate. Solid mid range shooter that plays with burst, high motor and energy. Strong frame uses it to his advantage defensively, on the glass and powering through contact. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist

Jaylen Motley 2022 5’1 PG WV / ESBA Elite |

Lefty with a stroke, Named Big Shots WV Top 100 All Star. Most vocal player in Next division as a leading point guard on offense and talking defensively. High energy player and person that was a joy to have at camp. And he lit it up averaging 21.5 ppg scoring 21 points in game one, 22 points game 2. 3 point shooter that can get it off the catch and dribble. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist.

Dwayne Richardson averaged 21 ppg at Big Shots WV Top 100

Dwayne Richardson 2022 5’8′ PG Beckley Stratton Middle School (WV) /ESBA |
Dwayne was a top scorer at Big Shots Next WV Top 100 scoring 20 points in game one, 23 points game 2. WV Top 100 all star is a driving guard that puts you on your heels off the dribble and scores in a variety of ways at the rim. High energy player that is very coachable and does what it takes to win. A 3-level scorer that is a two-way player as well locking up defensively using his speed to get into passing lanes and converts into easy buckets. Passes the ball very well, sees the floor makes the right reads when attracts two defenders he finds the open man. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist

Baxter Bickey 2022 5’3′ G Park Middle School (WV) / WV Titans |
The Bickey brothers can shoot it. Like his older brother Danny, Baxter also hit the trey ball and was aggressive off the drive. 3 point shooter Averaged 7 ppg named Big Shots WV Top 100 2022 All Star.

Emirh White 2022 5’11 G Huntington East Middle School (WV) / D1 WTTNL |
Emirh is a lengthy wing guard that is a strong driver finishing inside on dump offs and straight line drives. Active defensively. Runs his lane hard leading to easy layups. Big Shots WV Top 100 All Star averaged 10 ppg. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist

Hunter Casslebury 2022 5’9 PG Charleston Catholic (WV) / WV Wildcats |

BIG SHOTS WV Top 100 2022 All Star, Hunter is a coach’s son with a high basketball IQ. Handles the ball well vs pressure. Driving guard that will go coast to coast, efficient finisher over shot blocker. Solid court vision seeing the floor hitting weakside shooter. He shot the 3 in the break and off catch. Averaged 10 ppg. GPA: 3.5. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist.

Remere Williams 2022 5’9 PF Huntington middle school (WV) / ESBA ELITE |
High motor forward that makes the energy plays that win games. Named Big Shots WV Top 100 All Star. Active on the glass and as a shot blocker. Runs the floor hard. Solid hands, in a stance at both ends of the floor. Good rebounder with instincts. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist

Eric Smith 2022 6’2 SF West Fairmont HS (WV) |
Eric has impressive size for his age and a true big man mentality with back to basket moves and instincts to get every loose ball. He rebounded the ball well during both games, created second chance points. He has a high IQ and was a vocal player. Very coachable. Averaged 6 ppg and a top rebounder in Next div at Big Shots WV Top 100 earning 2022 All Star honors. Big Shots WV 2022 Watchlist.

Maki Johnson 2023 5’11 PG WV Huntington St. Joes (WV) / WV WILDCATS |

Maki is a fluid PG with size and skill. Handles pressure well, scores on drives and open mid range jumpers. One of WV’s top 2023 PG’s. advanced Game, gets players involved and can create off the dribble. Scored 8 pts in game averaged 6 ppg at WV Top 100, Named Big Shots WV 2023 All Star. Twitter: @scottejohnson12

Zycheus Dobbs 2024 5’7 PG WV/Team Loaded NC |
BIG SHOTS WV Top 100 2024 MVP, Zycheus was the youngest player in WV Top 100 and showed his game is years ahead of his age. A solid frame, quick handle, finishes well on layups or dishes at the right time. He shot the mid-range jumper and 3 off the catch, came up with loose balls, active player. His brother Zyon is BIG SHOTS WV 2019 No. 1, Zycheus is a 2024 that will be one to watch. Big Shots WV 2024 Watchlist

Zehren Hilton 2024 4’9 G NC / Charlotte Dragons |
Zehren was a returning participant from Wilmington NC Top 100 & SE Top 100 with Paul Biancardi. Uses his quicks and high basketball IQ to make plays vs oldest guys, one of the youngest athletes in the next division but showed out earning WV Top 100 2024 All Star honors. He has tight handle, quick feet and the ability to get into the paint scoring on floaters. He’s crafty when finishing around defenders and can knock down an open three. Now a 2-time all star in WV Top 100 and Wilmington Top 100. Big Shots NC 2024 Watchlist. Twitter: @IamMrZStyles

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