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By: Gilbert Abraham @Ganabraham

Raleigh, NC – The 47th Annual Holiday Invitational Tournament was held at Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The invitational highlights many of the top national prospects and this tournament was no different.  National evaluators, videographers, college coaches attended the event that was filled to capacity.  

The write up that follows is a brief summary of several of the players that displayed distinguishable play and promise. There was a so much comparable talent, too many talented players to mention. Thank you for taking the time to read.


  • MVP: ’21 Terrence Clarke (Brewster)
  • MOP: ’19 DJ Thomas (Broughton)
  • ’22 Jaden Bradley (@CannonMBB)
  • ’20 Nimari Burnett (@prolificprep)
  • ’19 Alonzo Gaffney OHIO STATE (Brewster)
  • ’19 Greg Gantt PROVIDENCE (Trinity)
  • ’19 Jalen Lecque NC STATE (Brewster)
  • ’19 KJ Marshall (Trinity)
  • ’22 DJ Nix (@CannonMBB)
  • ’19 Bryce Waterman (@VES_Bishops)


  • MVP: ‘19 Bryan Antoine (VILLANOVA) Ranney School
  • MOP: ‘20 Day’Ron Sharpe (UNC) South Central
  • ‘19 Scottie Lewis (FLORIDA) Ranney School
  • ‘20 Isaiah Todd Trinity Academy Raleigh
  • ‘19 DJ Robertson (NKU) Athens Drive
  • ‘19 Justin McKoy (PENN ST) Panther Creek
  • ‘21 Carter Whitt Leesville Road
  • ‘19 Patrick Williams (FSU) West Charlotte
  • ‘19 Shyheim Phillips South Central

Notable Players 

  • 2019 Bryan Antoine 6’5 (Villanova Commit) Ranney School
    • Antoine shows promise of becoming a masterful scorer, finishes at the rim, spots up, slashes, has excellent positional size, and can create for himself and others.  Excels in transition, isolation, and spots up very well.  Bryan takes really good shots has the makings of a prolific scorer. Named Tournament MVP.
  • 2020 Day’ron Sharpe 6’10 (UNC Commit) South Central
    • Quintessential Power Forward, crafty strong finisher around the rim, exceptional passer, soft shooting touch from the all three levels.  Has unique ability to overwhelm you physically and with skill, has a face up game and solid handle.  Named All Tournament.
  • 2019 Scottie Lewis 6’6 (Florida Commit) Ranney School
    • A unique athlete with exceptional defensive instincts and a lightning bolt in transition.  Scottie is 1 of a few high-flying dunk specialists that can go over and through contact. Lewis has an anomalous plus wingspan and good timing which adds to his defensive prowess. Named All Tournament
  • 2019 Greg Gantt 6’8 (Providence Commit) Trinity Christian School
    • One of the hardest playing players that I have seen and a do it all basketball player.  An emotional anchor for his team, he plays with high energy and a non-stop motor. Gantt defines versatility, literally plays 1-5 for his team and loves to defend.  Greg changes shots, knocks down contains penetration, picks pockets and is a solid play maker.  Additionally, has added to his game a consistently improving jump shot, excited to see how Greg continues to develop. Named All Tournament
  • 2019 Jalen Lecque 6’4 (NC State) Brewster Academy
    • Arguably the most explosive guard in the country.  A 5-star prospect Lecque has an inimitable first step, professional physical tools, timing and ability to go ten feet above the rim from a literal stand still.  Jalen also is a very poised guard with excellent positional size, and showing signs as an improving playmaker.  Lecque also plays well on or off the ball. 
  • 2019 Patrick Williams 6’8 (Florida State Commit) West Charlotte 
    • A position less prospect, with great physical tools.  At 6’8 Williams has legitimate guard tools.  Pat has the ability to do everything including guard smaller quicker players which is a unique skillset all its own.  Named All Tournament
  • 2020 Ismael Plet 6’7 VES 
    • One of the bigger surprises of the tournament.  Plet is a physically imposing forward.  Ismel turns and faces in the pinch post and elbow area and punishes his defenders.  Ismel also has a polished jump hook with runners and floaters.
  • 2021 Terrance Clark 6’6 Brewster Academy 
    • Knock down spot up shooter. Cuts exceptionally well, sprints well on the break.  Compliments the exceptional talent on his team well.  A big-time future prospect with next level athleticism and ability. Always made the right play and is a master marksman from deep.  One to keep a close eye on as he continues to improve. Tournament MVP
  • 2019 DJ Thomas 5’7 Broughton Capitals
    • Despite his size Thomas is an exceptional guard.  Thomas plays with great heart and wills his team to win.  Thomas scored 30 in his first outing at the invitational.  What impressed me most about his game is that he will his team by making winning decisions.  If he needs to score to help his team that’s what he does but if it requires playmaking he is more than willing to do that.  Named All Tournament
  • 2020 Isaiah Todd 6’10 Raleigh Trinity Academy
    • Todd is a versatile face up forward with perimeter shooting skills and quick feet.  Todd has an already impressive frame big shoulders, fast hands, and very agile feet.  Todd is a prototypical forward, finish in the half court, defends, athletic, can post, drive, spot up some, handle the ball and pass.   Named All Tournament
  • 2020 Jamal Mashburn Jr. 6’1 Brewster Academy
    • Is one of the hidden gems of the invitational in my opinion.  Mashburn was very good, he always made the right play.  Jamal was poised, tough, and unselfish.  He ran his team with ease and stepped up to make crucial baskets every game.  
  • 2019 KJ Marshall 6’0 Trinity Christian School
    • True point guard, sets his team up.  Play makes, knock down spot up shooter and solid on ball defender.  Was a big spark for trinity from three this tournament at multiple clutch opportunities, put teams away almost single handedly.  A hidden gem at the point. Named All Tournament
  • 2022 Elijah Perkins 6’2 Ranney School
    • Perkins is one of the more aggressive penetrators at the invitational this year.  Whether in transition or in the half court, Perkins gets very deep into the paint almost every time down the floor with very powerful drives. Can spot up some and plays exceptionally hard.  Very intrigued by his development.
  • 2019 Justin McKoy 6’7 Panther Creek 
    • Interested by McKoy’s improvement; Justin has a smooth shooting stroke from range and is a very aggressive driver to the basket.  McKoy displayed the ability to score from all three levels and showed some ability to create shots for himself while being heavily guarded.  Additionally, Justin has intangible skills that will translate well to the next level as he continues to improve.  Named All Tournament
  • 2019 Shykeim Phillips 6’2 South Central 
    • Phillips excelled in transition, and off of the drive.  Phillips had key stretches in which he would put his head down and will his way to the basket making key plays for his team.  Phillips showed a marked improvement in his shooting, and shooting form, and play making ability.  The biggest takeaways from Phillips game are his end to end speed with the ball in his hands and his ability to drive through contact and hit first as a driving guard. Named All Tournament
  • 2019 Dj Horne 6’2 (Illinois State Commit) Trinity Christian School
    • Has a gift and gnat for scoring.  Quick skilled combo guard, that can score at three levels.  Crafty bucket getter with the ability to finish at the rim.intirgued to see how he develops at Illinois State.
  • 2019 DJ Robertson (NKU Commit) 6’2 Athens Drive
    • Robertson is an attacking lead guard that can score and generate shots from himself off of the dribble.  Robertson is uncommonly quick and demonstrated a level of poise not commonly seen from young back court players.  With added strength and continued aggressive play it will be fun to watch his development. Named All Tournament
  • Additional Players of  Mention
    • 2019 Max Farthing 6’6 Word of God, 2022 Asa White 6’7 Garner, 2021 Carter Whitt 6’3 Leesville Road (ALL TOURNAMENT), 2019, 2019 Tynias Peace 6’0 Broughton Capitals, 2019 Chase Graham 6’1 Athens Drive, 2019 Talton Jones 6’3 Trinity Christian School, 2020 Nimari Burnett 6’4 Prolific Prep