By: Kevin Schneider @BigShotsNation, Matt Strange, Kendall Taylor, Trinity Sells & Big Shots Scouts

17U Division:

Gold Champion: TMP
Runner Up: Manning Gators
Silver Champion: Premier Jammers

MVP: Josiah James, Shaq Davis – TMP

All Stars:

Shaq Davis – TMP – 6’7 2018  Forward All Star: MVP, Super athletic  very strong body with great hands, had one of the best posters of the event, going to have a huge summer this year

Josiah James – TMP – 6’7  2019 PG MVP, Top 50 Nationally, No. 1 2019 SC , lefty long PG uses his length to shoot and get around small defenders, great stroke is just an all around player

Jalen Slawson – TMP – 6’8 2018  SC Tip Off Long forward, great touch within 17ft, great rebounder

Jake Lanford – TMP – 6’9 2018 Double double machine, this power forward has great post moves and attacks the basket strong, great free throw shooter with great form

Malik Wilson – Manning Gators – 6’1 2018 High motor, slasher, lead his team to the Championship where he finished with 15pts

Michael Wright – Palmetto Elite – 6’6′ 2017 Mike is one of top unsigned players in SC can stretch the floor with his shooting and ability to put the ball on the floor using his wide body to finish at the rim

Tawon Buie – Port City Stars – 5’9 2017 Quick guard, good IQ, plays with his head up and looking for teammates on the break

Christian Drummond – Port City Stars – 6’7 2017 – Good big, shoots mid range, and can score over both shoulders

Deuce Dean – SC KINGS – 6’4 2019 Top 10 in 2019 SC class, showed his strength and change of pace using it to get to any spot he wanted on the court, finished with 30 in the semi finals

Daniel Dunlap – SC KINGS – 6’3 2018 Freakish athletic guard, who will try to dunk on anyone, great speed with the ability to stop on the dime from anywhere and pull up or attack the rim

Simon Grant – SC KINGS – 6’3 2018 Scoring guard put up points from all over the court, finish with a tournament high of 39 pts and two game winners

Jackie Johnson – Premier Jammers – 6’1 2018 Averaged 17 ppg led his team to be 17U Silver Champions, scored from inside and out showing his all around game

Aundra Patterson – Carolina Chaos – 5’8 2018  Quick small guard not afraid to take it to the hole, uses his speed to play the passing lanes and change speeds on offense

Naquan Addison – Team United SC Black- 5’10 2017 Division leading scorer at 25 ppg, can fill it up from all over

Noah Fowler – Upward Stars Upstate – 6’5 2018 Can score from all over the court putting 21 ppg, he’s going to have a good summer this year

Top Scorers:
Naquan Addison – Team United SC Black 25.0
Michael Wright – Palmetto Elite 22.5
Simon Grant – SC KINGS 21.3
Noah Fowler – Upward Stars Upstate 21.0
Daniel Dunlap – SC KINGS 20.0

16U Division:

Gold Champion:Big Shots Elite SC
Runner Up: SC Ballers Elite
Silver Champion: Karolina Khaos

MVP: Darius Boatright, Deshawn Brackett – Big Shots Elite SC

All Stars:

Darius Boatright – Big Shots Elite SC – 6’4 2019 Long athletic wing, great mid range game knocking down pulls up, and uses his length to make it tough for competition to do layups

Deshawn Brackett – Big Shots Elite SC – 6’0 2019 Scoring guard, great form, very active on very possession on the floor no matter offense or defense

Juwann Perdue – SC Ballers Elite – 6’7 2019 Top 10 in Big Shots SC 2019, athletic lefty, runs the floor well and can go coast to coast
Ja’Len Roberson – SC Ballers Elite – 5’9 2019 All Star: SC Tip Off, scoring guard

Ny’Gel Boozer – SC KINGS – 6’1 2019 shifty guard attacks the basket hard, plays with a chip on his shoulder

Peter Musci – SC KINGS – 6’3 2019 Knock down shooter, can shoot off the dribble, catch and shoots along with finish with floaters around the rim

Logan Ammons – TMP – 6’1 2019 Shooter, strong body finishes through contact, average 19 this weekend shooting great shots and has a very good IQ, averaged 19 ppg

Jasaun Pryor- TMP – 6’3 2019 All Star: SC Tip Off, Athletic wing, slasher

Denham Wojcik – TMP – 5’8 2019 All Star: SC Tip Off, Great vision, high IQ, ran the show getting all his teammates involved

Dallaz Corbit – Karolina Khaos – 6’6 2019 Strong post player, great frame, can knock down mid range jumpers

Marlon Hill – Karolina Khaos – 5’10 2019 Athletic wing, great speed and body control around the rim

Kojack Thompson – Karolina Khaos – 5’7 2018 Quick shifty guard, great change of pace, and one of the reason Khaos won the Silver Championship finishing with 24 pts

Romello Grant – Charleston Strong – 6’3 2019 Division scoring leader at 22 ppg, smooth wing, crafty around the rim, runs floor very well and knows how to finish in transition

Donnell Bowens – Port City Stars – 6’4 2019 Second in scoring in division at 19 ppg, a bucket getter, leaves it all on the floor, very high motor

Top Scorers:

Romello Grant – Charleston Strong 22.0
Donnell Bowens – Port City Stars 16 21.0
Deshawn Boatright – Big Shots Elite 20.0
Logan Ammons – TMP 19.0
Deshawn Brackett – Big Shots Elite SC 19.0

15U Division:

Gold Champion: Team Synergy
Runner Up: TMP
Silver Champion: Big Shots Elite SC

MVPs: Demar Anderson,  Seth Smith, Cedric Gray – Team Synergy

All Stars:

Demar Anderson – Team Synergy- 6’1 2021 As only an 8th Demar is still performing as one the best, leading scorer of the 15U Division at 21.5 ppg, he knows how to run the show playing point, finding shots for himself and his teammates, knocked down 5 threes in the Championship

Cedric Gray – Team Synergy – 6’3 2020 High motor, has the ability to score inside and out

Seth Smith – Team Synergy – 6 2020 Smooth guard plays with his head up, knocks down open threes, and very crafty around the rim

Da’qon Stewart – Team Synergy – 6’1 2020 Quick athletic guard, great mid range game, pull ups, floaters, and very creative for his teammates around the rim for himself and teammates

Adam Norman – Karolina Khaos Silver  –  6′ 2020  Shooter, led team in scoring Game 1

Aaron Parker – Karolina Khaos Silver – 6’1′ 2020 Quick attacking guard getting to the rim and changes pace with great control

Wendell Seabrook – Port City Stars – 6’1 2020 All Star: SC Tip Off, athletic combo guard, driver, leads team in scoring

Darius Hough – Team United  – SC 6’3 2020 All Star: SC Tip Off, scores off the bounce, big guard, rebounds, leads break, 21 pts in Rd 1 win vs Khaos

Breon Lewis – Team United SC- 6’2 2020 All Star: SC Tip Off, smooth stroke, balanced driver, 15 pts Rd1 vs Karolina Khaos

Chase Cannon – TMP –  6’7 2020 Chase knows how to do his work early in the post to get great position and has great touch with both hands around the rim

Javon Benson – Team United SC Black – 6’4 Forward who knows how to use his body to control the paint, averaged 19 ppg

Quintin Crawford – Team United SC Black – 6’0 Coaches son plays the game hard an a bucket getter, 2nd leading scorer in division at 20 ppg

Jordan Brantley – Team Gerald – 5’5 2020 Flashy guard that can change a game with his quickness and court vision, very good IQ, average 18 ppg

Davion Hancock – Big Shots Elite (SC) – 5’11 2020 Great pull up jump shot, can hit spot up and off the dribble

Deshawn Murray – Big Shots Elite (SC) – 6’1 2020 Top 10 guard in SC 2020, scores from all level plays with extremely high motor

Marshall Myers – Big Shots Elite (SC) –  5’10 2021 PG who runs the show and gets to the basket with his speed

Trent Ostrander  – NC Flames6’3 2020 Great footwork and hands, has solid touch with in 15ft

DeNeil Mackins – NC Flames –  6’0 2020 Long scoring guard, hits mid range jumpers, and can knock down the open 3s

Top Scorers:
Demar Anderson – Team Synergy 21.5
Quintin Crawford – Team United SC Black 20.7
Javon Benson – Team United SC Black 19.3
Jordan Brantley – TEAM GERALD 18.0
DeNeil Mackins – NC Flames 17.0

14U/13U Division:

Gold Champion: Team Fly Black
Runner Up: Upward Stars Riverfront
Silver Champion: Carolina Storm

MVP: Mike McClean – Team Fly Black

All Stars:

Mike McClean -Team Fly Black MVP 19.5 ppg

Tedric Jenkins- Team Fly Black 11.5 ppg

Shawn Hicks- Upward Stars Riverfront 19 ppg

TJ Sanders- Carolina Stampede 17.5 ppg

Cameron Jenkins- Carolina Storm 11 ppg

Zyaire Charles- Dillion Intimidators 9.5 ppg

Am’Quaze Jones- Carolina Express South 14.0 ppg

Austin Harrell- Upward Stars Riverfront  12 ppg

Russell Felton- Upward Stars Riverfront 10 ppg

Jordan Wilburn- Upward Stars Riverfront 10 ppg


Top Scorers:
MacArthur Washington – Carolina Stampede 19.5
Shawn Hicks – Upward Stars Riverfront 19.0
TJ Sanders – Carolina Stampede 17.5
Am’Quaze Jones – Carolina Express South B 14.0
Austin Harrell – Upward Stars Riverfront 12.0

12U/11U Division:

Gold Champion: Team United SC Black
Silver Champion: Carolina Bad Boyz

MVP: Jarvis Green – Team United Black

All Stars:

Jarvis Green- MVP Team United SC Black 8 ppg

Cameron Ringer – Team United SC Black 8.7 ppg

Julian Everling – Triangle Flight 9.7 ppg

Alex Olander – Triangle Flight 9.3 ppg

Karon Gray – Team United 9.0 ppg

Alex Rechetnikov – Triangle Flight 7.5 ppg

Darren Llyod- Carolina Bad Boyz 7.0 ppg

Zandae Butler- Carolina Bad Boyz 6.5 ppg

Top Scorers:
Julian Everling – Triangle Flight 9.7
Alex Olander – Triangle Flight 9.3
Karon Gray – Team United 9.0
Cameron Ringer – Team United SC Black 8.7
Alex Rechetnikov – Triangle Flight 7.5

10U/9U Division:

Gold Champion: WCBA 2025 Elite Blue
Silver Champion: Team United 10

MVP: Elijah Deifer – WCBA 2025 Elite Blue

All Stars:
MVP Elijah Deifer – WCBA 2025 Elite Blue 12.5
Aiden Smalls – WCBA 2025 Elite Blue 14.0
Yale Davis – Team United 10 14.0
Lamont Britt Jr – Team United 10 11.7
Jamarie Brown – Karolina Khaos 11.5