By: Kevin Schneider @BigShotsNation, Matt Strange, Kendall Taylor, Trinity Sells & Big Shots Scouts

Take a look at this weekends top performers and all stars below:

SLAM Divison

Gold Champions: CBA United
Runner Up: Big Shots JWB
Silver Champions: Team All or Nothing

MVP: Kaleb Fields – CBA United

All Stars

Kaleb Fields – CBA United – Consistent score, very high motor does what he needs to do to help the team win
Jackson Kelly – CBA United – Hybrid forward, great touch around the basket, and great ability to find the open man when posting up
Caleb Mills – Big Shots Elite JWB – 6’5 PG who runs the show, scoring from all levels, and high level IQ, he will be looking to have a huge summer
Justin Tene – Big Shots Elite JWB – Great piece playing with Caleb Mills, knocking down open jumpers, and finding the open spot on the floor to get east buckets
Kenyon Burt – NC Runnin Rebels – Big body, with soft hands, great touch, high motor and great athleticism, led his team to the semi finals
Kennan Noraman – Big Shots Elite SC – Keenan plays with excellent patience, never losing his composure, and can knock down mid range jumpers
Desmond Pressley – All or Nothing – SC 2A State Champ can put up points from where ever he wants on the court, has great speed and change of pace, finished as the second leading scorer in SLAM
Terrance Barnes – All or Nothing – Good big, game has continue to improve, being able to knock down mid range along with finishing strong around the basket
Rob Peterson – Flight 22 Elite – one of the top available in NC, high motor does whatever is needed to get his team a win, great first step and ability to hit pull up jumpers
John Michael Wright – Flight 22 Elite – Quick guard, IQ and can run the show, crafty finisher around the basket
Tyrece Cheecks – Big Shots Elite Carolina – Combo guard with length ability to find his own buckets, high IQ and quick first step
Justin Busby – Big Shots Elite Carolina – Runs the floor, shooter, pulls up from anywhere, quick trigger
Brandon Pirie – SC Kings – Knock down shooter, one of the best shooters in SC, has ability to make teams pay when left open
Daniel Dunlap – SC Kings – Freakish athletic guard, who will try to dunk on anyone, great speed with the ability to stop on the dime from anywhere and pull up or attack the rim
TJ Brown – Lower Richland Promise – Great motor, can score from all three levels , great length and athleticism, has a quick first step and strong finisher around the rim
Dreshaun Jones – Lower Richland Promise – Long wing, great athleticism, slasher, and a great defender
Matt Chism – JC Ballers – Bucket getter, finds a way to put the ball in the basketball, does everything well
Noah Burgess – JC Ballers – Stretch forward knocks down anything within 15 ft and can finish with both hands around the rim
Romello Williams – Flight 22 Premier – Great motor, has a good feel for where everyone is on the court, and can run the show, great IQ
Trevor Hensley – Flight 22 Tennessee – Strong guard, plays with a ton of heart, he can finish with both hands, and always plays with his head up getting his teammates involved
Sidney Robinson – Premier Jammers – Strong guard, gets to the rim at will, drives hard every play and will try to dunk on anyone
Savion Dawkins – SC Tigers – Scoring forward can showed his deep range this weekend, along with his strong body to bully small wings

High Scorers
Keenan Norman – Big Shots Elite SC 28.0
Desmond Pressley – All or Nothing 23.3
Tyrece Cheeks – Big Shots Elite Carolina 22.4
Brandon Pirie – SC KINGS 21.0
TJ Brown – Lower Richland Promise 19.0
Antonio Pulice – JC Ballers 18.5

17U Orange Division

Gold Champions: Flight 22 Unsigned Seniors
Runner Up: North Atlanta Orangeman – White
Silver Champions: Ascend Ballers

Co-MVPs: Olufemi Boko & Brandon Mayhan – Flight 22 Unsigned Seniors

All Stars
Olufemi Boko – Flight 22 Unsigned Seniors – Shifty guard, with great IQ, lead the team all weekend dropping dimes, and giving the team a big bucket when they needed it
Brandon Mayhan – Flight 22 Unsigned Seniors – Long wing, who has great range, uses his length to play the passing lanes to get steals and finish on breaks
David Vogt – WCWAA Elite – Quick guard who can put up points, leading scorer of the division he can fill it up from mid range, 3 or getting to the basket
Tisidique Burney-Lily – North Atlanta Orangeman – One of the top scorers in the event, attacks every possession
Darren Gainger – Ascend Ballers – Does it all, plays with a chip on his shoulder, provides the team with whatever they need, showed his all around game this weekend offensively and defensively
Charlie Mendys – Carolina Flyers – Charlie doesn’t back down from anyone, knocking down threes, finishing around the rim with contact, showed his entire package
Kevin Rosser – Hill City Crash – Great scorer, loves the mid range using floaters and pull ups
Keenan Austin – Hill City Crash – Part of the duo of Hill City runs the shows, knocks down threes, and finishes around the rim with craftiness
Dezure Moulden – Carolina Sky – Crafty wing, knows how to create for himself and his teammates, good midrange scorer
Kenneth Solomon – Manzer – Shifty guard, led the way for Manzer, showed his development by knocking down threes, and finishing with floaters under 15 ft
Jalen Snipes – NC Spartans West – Slasher, athletic wing, great feel on offense and always in the right place at the right time
Michael Wright – Palmetto Elite – Mike is one of top unsigned players in SC can stretch the floor with his shooting and ability to put the ball on the floor using his wide body to finish at the rim
Tawonn Buie – Port City Stars -Quick guard, good IQ, plays with his head up and looking for teammates on the break
D’Angelo Elliot – Team Carolina Robinson – Strong body post, uses his frame to crave out space for easy buckets around the rim
Messiah Pankey – Team Potential – Strong guard, finishes around the rim, quick first step

High Scorers
David Vogt – WCWAA Elite 19.0
Tisidique Burney-Lily – North Atlanta Orangeman 19.0
Kevin Rosser – Hill City Crash 18.0
Keenan Austin – Hill City Crash 18.0
Dezure Moulden – Carolina Sky 17.5


16U Orange Division

Gold Champions: Garner Road Bulldogs 15U
Runner Up: Big Shots Elite Carolina 2019
Silver Champions: Carolina Warriors

Co-MVPs: Marcus Elliot & Carson McCorkle – Garner Road Bulldogs 15U

All Stars
Marcus Elliot – Garner Road Bulldogs – Top PG in 2020 NC class, left with great IQ, another coach on the floor and nice mid range pull up game
Carson McCorkle – Garner Road Bulldogs – The top player in our 2020 NC rankings, there’s not much he can’t do, knock down shooter, along with slashing and quick athleticism, great pull up game and great shot selection
Wesley Case – Garner Road Bulldogs – Wesley has probably the best motor in the event, kid plays so hard every possession getting steals on D, running the floor, and sticking back offensive rebounds over bigger defenders
Mekhi Towns – Garner Road Bulldogs – One of the top big in the 2020 NC class, amazing footwork, can go coast to coast with a great handle, and ability to drop a dime off to his teammates on the break
Fletcher Abee – Big Shots Carolina 2019 – The best shooter in the event. Fletcher has ability to pull up from deep, mid range off the dribble, along with catch and shoots
Mike Walsh – Big Shots Carolina 2019 – Great motor, a stretch forward, shoots the ball very well, and not afraid to take contact and finish at the rim
Riley Adams – Big Shots Carolina 2019 – Riley runs the show, plays with his head up, can finish with both hands when driving and locks down guards on the perimeter
Juwan Purdue – SC Ballers Elite – Top 10 in Big Shots SC 2019, athletic lefty, runs the floor well and can go coast to coast
Trent Green – SC Kings – High motor, quick athletic guard, can finishes through contact
Jaxon Etter – North Atlanta Orangeman – Knock down shooter can feel it up from deep
Elijah Washington – The Nation – Leading scorer of the division, has great game within the three point line, using banks, floaters and step backs to put point on the board, he can really fill it up
Jyheem Rollins – Georgia Havoc – Strong body, can finish through bigger players, and has a quick first step to get to the rim
Deshawn Brackett – Big Shots Elite SC – Scoring guard, great form, very active on very possession on the floor no matter offense or defense
Darius Boatwright – Big Shots Elite SC -Long athletic wing, great mid range game knocking down pulls up, and uses his length to make it tough for competition to do layups
LaQueze Campbell – Xpress United – finished with 30 against Garner Road in the semis, the quick guard is very versatile, doing whatever he wants on the court
Emery Simmons – Xpress United – High motor, scorers from all over the court, mostly slashing to the basket
La’Trell Campbell – Xpress United – La’Trell runs the show from Xpress, finding ways to get his twin brother and Emery shots when the game is close, has a great IQ, and is always looking to get his teammates involved
Taijonn Freeman – WBC Elite Greene – Shifty guard, with a great motor, lets the game come to him and doesn’t force shots
Khrye Thompson – Carolina Warriors – Crafty guard, great finisher around the rim, and can get streaky and knock down threes
Jackeem Herbin – NC Top Flight – Great body, can finish over either shoulder, rebounds the ball at tit highest point
Jamal Owens – GC Florida Tarheels – led his team in scoring, showing that he can score from the inside and outside, good all around player
Romello Grant – Charleston Strong – smooth wing, crafty around the rim, runs floor very well and knows how to finish in transition

High Scorers
Elyjah Washington – The Nation 22.0
Jyheem Rollins – Georgia Havoc 21.0
LaQueze Campbell – Xpress United 2019 19.0
Khrye Thompson – Carolina Warriors 19.0
Fletcher Abee – Big Shots Elite 18.3


16U Blue Division

Gold Champions: Carolina Pressure
Runner Up: NC Runnin Rebels
Silver Champions: Ascend Ballers

MVP: Javon Anderson – Carolina Pressure

All Stars
Javon Anderson – Carolina Pressure – Quick crafty guard, uses great handle to create space and blow by defenders, ability to shoot, and finish at the rim
Zachary Dunlap – Carolina Pressure – Long guard, plays the passing lanes, deflecting passes and getting out on the break for easy buckets
Nazae Baltimore – Carolina Pressure – Tall long forward, loves to run the floor, quick feet and knows how to use his length to alter shots on defense
Donnell Bowens – Port City Stars – leading scorer in the division, know down shooter also lead the division in 3s made
Myles Sanford – Bull City Nets – Myles knows how to finish around the rim and avoid contact to finish over taller defenders
De’Aunte Sherman – Ascend Ballers – tied for total scoring points with 58 in 3 games, slasher can hit 15 ft jumpers on catch and shoots
Terrell Hemingway – Ascend Ballers – Shooter, great release, great body control and great lift on his jumper
Cameron Carraway – SC Focus – High motor, gets on the floor for lose balls, and is always active on offense and defense on the floor
Dahuan Jones – WBC Elite Atkins – Scoring guard, likes to finish within mid range, know how to create separation
Amari Smith – SC Tigers – Can score with his back to the basket, nice touch around the rim, ability to hit catch and shoot within 15 ft
Mark Mayzck – Hardwood Warriors – Slasher, always finding gaps in the defense to make himself open, get to his spots and doesn’t force many shots

High Scorers
Donnell Bowens – Port City Stars 16 23.5
Myles Sanford – Bull City Nets 16.7
De’Aunte Sherman – Ascend Ballers 14.5
Cameron Carraway – SC Focus 2019 13.3

15U Division

Gold Champions: Team Pitt Bull
Runner Up: WBC Elite
Silver Champions: SC Focus

MVP: Chris Scott – Team Pitt Bull

All Stars
Chris Scott – Team Pitt Bull – Long wing, can score from all three levels, help led his team in a sudden death Championship game, he will be one of the top player in Ohio
Larry Stephens – Team Pitt Bull – Larry is a big guard, who runs the show, plays with his head up with a great IQ, he can score from inside and out
Jamel McGowen – Holy City Warriors – Scoring guard, loves to get to the rim using crafty finishes
Emory Knox – Myrtle Beach Phenoms – Top 10 in SC 2020, Leading scorer of the division went for 44, in his final game, Emory does it all, always delivering a big bucket whenever his team needed it, he will be one to watch
Payton Lewis – Manzer – Payton scores from all over leading the division in free throws made, and three pointers made, he has a great stroke and knows how to create space to get his jumper off
Jajuan Carr – WBC Elite – Led the team in point all weekend, runs the show, helping his teammates get involved before he looks to score
Jordan McNeil – WBC Elite – Second leading scorer on the team, slasher, rebounds and cause havoc on defense
Andrew Harvey – Triangle Flight – Scored from all levels, averaged 15 ppg this weekend, great IQ
Jamison Long – Flight 22 Parker – Finished top 5 in three pointers made in the division, can knock down off catch and shoots
John Crews – Team Felton – Knock down shooter, can really fill it up no matter if it catch and shoots or off the dribble
Marshall Myers- Big Shots Elite SC – who runs the show and gets to the basket with his speed
Deshawn Murray – Big Shots Elite SC -2020 Top 10 guard in SC 2020, get to the rim finishing with either hand, plays with extremely high motor

High Scorers
Emory Knox – Myrtle Beach Phenoms 25.4
Jamel McGowan – Holy City Warriors 17.7
Payton Lewis – Manzer 17.3
Jajuan Carr – WBC Elite 16.7
Marshall Myers – Big Shots Elite SC 16.7
Deshawn Murray – Big Shots Elite SC 16.0