Fort Mill, SC – In the 5th annual Big Shots SE Top 150 with ESPN’s Paul Biancardi, many of the Southeast’s top talent took center stage. In years’ past MVP’s have included Collin Sexton, Jalek Felton, Devontae Shuler, Clyde Trapp Jr, and Luke Frampton.  Let’s check out the NEXT top performers at Big Shots Southeast Top 150:

Next All-Stars

2023 MVP: Marcus Brown 6’3 G Northside Christian (NC)/CP3 | 

Marcus is a star in North Carolina’s 2023 class. The Big Shots Southeast Top 150 Paul Biancardi 2023 MVP stands at 6’3 and is a fluid big guard/wing that was dominant at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 Paul Biancardi starring in the post, off the drive and shooting the mid-range jumper. He recognizes mismatches drifting into the post vs smaller defenders or took a slower big off the bounce. After seeing him excel in the skills session and be nearly unstoppable in 2 on 2, Marcus carried that over to the games scoring 23 points in game 1, 14 in game 2 to average 18 ppg. After watching him with Paul Biancardi, we both realized he was the real deal and one that we will be hearing from for many years to come. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

2024 MVP: Leon “Tye” Cain III 5’1 PG Mills Park Middle (NC)/CEBA |  

Tye was a knockdown shooter filling it up from deep scoring 18 points in game 2, averaging 11 ppg for the camp.  The left-handed point guard had the hot hand and set the tone defensively. Coach’s son that plays with a high intensity and a high basketball IQ to make the right read off the dribble with penetration and kick. Named 2024 MVP at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 Paul Biancardi, joins 2024 Big Shots NC Watchlist.

2025 MVP: Eli Ellis Home School (NC)/Big Shots Elite NC |

One of my favorite players to watch on the Big Shots Circuit. Eli comes in as the top prospect to watch in Big Shots North Carolina 2025 class and never disappoints with his play. He has a bulldog type mentality on the floor that is relentless off the bounce shooting from deep or getting to the rack. A coach’s son that is extremely advanced in his skill work, work ethic and willingness to get better every time on the court. At Big Shots NC Top 150 Paul Biancardi the scoring guard scored 21 points in game 2, 12 points in game 1 to average 17 ppg. He had several 30 and 40 point scoring outburst on the circuit this season starring for Big Shots Elite NC being an MVP nearly every event he played in.


2026 MVP: Isaac Ellis Home School (NC)/Big Shots Elite NC |

Confidence is a trait that star players have and Isaac Ellis has that and more. As confident a shooter as any I’ve seen at that age. The lefty shooter comes at you with a bulldog mentality relentless off the dribble and always in attack mode. He hit 3 3’s scoring 17 points in game 2. Starred on the Big Shots Circuit with Big Shots Elite NC playing up several age groups and still consistently scoring 15 or more ppg. At his own age he was 25+ ppg. The Ellis Bros. are two of my favorites to watch because they’ve been taught how to play with IQ and speed with skill level and stroke of the highest level for that age. Big Shots NC 2026 Watchlist.


2023 Cade Nicholson 6’2 F Charlotte Christian (NC)/Charlotte Dragons |

Cade was a breakout performer at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 scoring 18 points in game 1, 10 points in game 2 to average 14 ppg for the camp. A big guard with a stroke and feel for the game. He rebounds hard and leads the break converting to easy buckets with a look ahead pass or coast to coast layup. At his size he can defend multiple positions, competes for position inside and has the foot speed to pick up guards in the backcourt. High basketball wing that earned 2023 All Star honors at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 Paul Biancardi. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist


2023 Delani Hammonds 5’5 PG Community House Middle (NC)/Charlotte Dragons |

Delani is a smooth scoring lefty guard. A high basketball IQ coach’s son PG that facilities and can fill it up.  A top 5 performer in Next division at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 averaged 16 ppg to lead his team, scoring 22 in game 1, 10 points in game 2, Has a tight handle making the right reads in half court and full court situations. Tremendous at breaking the defense down off the bounce and making a play. A playmaker that you will be hearing from in the 2023 class. 

2023 Evaan Ezhilan 5’4 PG Mooresville Middle (NC)/Lake Norman Hornets |

Evaan is a shooting lead guard that had the hot hand at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 Paul Biancardi. He hit 4 3’s in game 1 scoring 16 points, averaged 11 ppg for the camp, He hit 5 3’s in two games. Point guard that sees the floor, hitting cutters and shooters for buckets or pulling up an hitting jumpers of his own. A player you must find in transition or he will make you pay from distance. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.


2023 Jahmir Brown 6’0 G Northside Christian (NC)/CP3 |

Explosive combo guard that will a name to remember for years to come. The Brown twins are the next set of twins to star for CP3, brother of Marcus. Jahmir is a downhill driving guard that can finish with either hand. Two-way player that values each possession. Solid mid-range game, plays low. Scored 8 points in game 1, 13 points in game 2 earning 2023 All Star honors at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 Paul Biancardi. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.


2023 Jordan Miller 5’9 G Saluda Trail Middle (NC)/PrimeTime Elite | 

Throughout the season Jordan was a top performer for Primetime Elite on the Big Shots Circuit and showed out once again at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 averaging 15 ppg. A natural scoring combo that is highly efficient off the catch and dribble. Attacking gaps and finishing at the rim he scored 14 points in game 1, 16 points in game 2. Not just a scorer, takes pride at the defensive end setting a ton. He and Marcus Brown teamed up in 2 on 2 and was nearly unstoppable. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

2023 Riley Allenspach 6’2 F Laing Middle (SC)/SC Storm |

6 points in game 1, 13 points in game 2, avg 10 ppg. Big with good presence in the post with the ability to shoot the ball and guard bigs or smaller player. Riley is a dynamic multi-position player that has both size and the ability to handle and distribute the ball. Good genes run in the family as his dad Brian played at Davidson & Western Kentucky stands at 6’10 you know Riley is going to have great size and a skill set to go with it. All Star on the Big Shots Circuit with Lowcountry Storm continued his strong play. Now a 2-time all star also standout at Big Shots MB Top 150 Biancardi last year. Love a big with size that plays to his strengths but always is trying to expand his game with his jumper and handles. Rememeber the name Riley Allenspach because he will be that stretch forward with size and skill that we all love at the next level. Big Shots SC 2023 Watchlist.


2023 Thomas Oppold 6’0 G Moultrie Middle (SC)/Lowcountry Storm | 

Thomas scored 18 points in game 1, avg 11 ppg at Big Shots SE Top 150. He sees the floor well has a high basketball IQ and high motor.  Good shooter that can drive the ball to the hole and wants the big shot. Was named 2023 MVP at Big Shots Myrtle Beach Top 150 last year. Thomas is a skilled multi position player that excels shooting the ball and cutting without the ball to score on drives. Sees the floor making the right reads. High basketball IQ and length allows him to guard multiple positions. A shot maker that you will be hearing about for years to come. Big Shots SC 2023 Watchlist.

2024 Ashton Elliott 5’5 CG Horton Middle (NC)/CEBA |

Ashton stood out in the skill session earning top honors as a 2 on 2 champ. He moves well without the ball. Shooter that knows how to get open and score off the catch or dribble. Big Shots NC 2024 Watchlist earns all star honors at Big Shots Southeast Top 150 Paul Biancardi.


2024 Dylan Deluca 6’1 C Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy (NC)/Attack 365 |  

Dylan had the hot hand hitting 5 3’s in game 1 scoring 27 points for the highest of the day in the Next Division. A knockdown shooter with size. He moves well without inside using footwork and his size to score. Stretch forward that can play inside-out. Big Shots NC 2024 Watchlist.

2024 Zehren Hilton 5’0 PG Community House Middle (NC) | 

Zehren is a composed point guard that plays with confidence and can knock down shots hitting 16 points in game 1. He competes at both ends of the floor. Plays with a high motor getting after loose balls, runs his lane leading to easy layups. Quick with the ball, fearless on offense averaging 12 ppg at camp. Very coachable and determined. Named Big Shots 2024 All Star at Wilmington NC Top 150, WV Top 150 last year, have seen him multiple times over the years and always gets better each tie. Uses his quicks and high basketball IQ to make plays vs oldest/bigger guys. He has tight handle, quick feet and the ability to get into the paint scoring on floaters. He’s crafty when finishing around defenders and can knock down an open three. Big Shots NC 2024 Watchlist.

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