Juwan Gary

Juwan Gary 2019 6’6 Team United / Gray Collegiate (SC)
Explosive,shoots 3,above rim driver,frame &game.26 ppg. Top 25 Nat’l

Jalen Cameron

Jalen Cameron 2017 6’4 SG UBA / West Florence (SC)
High flyer, active. steals=dunks. 23 ppg. SC Top 5 2017

James Reese

James Reese 2017 6’3 SG SC Kings/AC Flora (SC)
Athletic shooter. 25 ppg. Recruiting rising, one of SC’s top shooters

Cainan Griffin

Cainan Griffin 2016 6’3 SF Team Truth/Ridge View (SC)
High motor wing, plays both ends,competes

Top 20 All Stars

BIG SHOTS SC TOP 100 All Stars
Bryce Schneider, Juwan Gary, Jalen Cameron, Buster Knox, Zach Sellers, Dalwin Taylor, James Reese, Keith Matthews, Jordan Watson, Cainan Griffin, Onteus Anderson, Josh Livingston, Khalil Robinson, Wynston Andrews, Xavier Miller, Jacor Nelson, Cameron Holmes, Deuce Dean, Marquise Riley, Kaiden Rice, Carlos Nuttry Jr, Noah Harper, Khalil Shakir Harris, Tashawn Brockington

Gold Champs Team 1
Eastern Conf. Gold Champs: Team 1 – Bryce Schneider, Buster Knox, Khalil Robinson, Matthew Lee, Xavier Dobey, Christian Drummond, Marion Hill, Jacobi Bailey. Coach: Nathaniel Frayer
Gold Champs SC top 100
Western Conf. Gold Champs – Team 11 – Ellis Goodwin, Vance Lupton, Skylar Williams, Nigel Chaney, Noah Harper, Marquise Riley, Braxton Washington, William Leckony. Coach: Aloysius Henry


Thank you to the players, college coaches and media in attendance for the BIG SHOTS SC TOP 100 SHOWCASE.

Below are the player evaluations from the BIG SHOTS SC TOP 100 SHOWCASE

NAME GRAD HT POS CITY STATE H.S. Travel Team Evaulation
Adam Zam 2016 6’2 SG Myrtle Beach SC Myrtle Beach High School Team Georgia Elite Shooter, 3pt spot up shooter that can run them off, runs wing hard knows where to get to get shot off, gets out in transition, solid form, improved floor game making right reads, should have productive year for MB
Banks Brown 2016 6’5 SF Columbia SC Hammond School SC Kings Lengthy wing, rebounds, moves well without ball, snaps passes, solid skills, play hard, active inside as a rebounder and can score inside with good pump fakes
Brandon Joseph 2016 6’0 SG Fort Mill SC Fort Mill High Fort Mill Knicks Combo shooter, hits footwork on jumper, moves ball on O, solid defender, keeps man in front
Brandon Martin 2017 6’4 W Elgin SC Cardinal Newman Carolina Wolves Strong wing, physical driver, plays with good balance and speed, uses body well around basket, kengthy frame big hands, coach’s son dad Frank Martin at USC, competes for 50/50 balls, high basketball IQ, Continues to develop into player
Brandon Miller 2017 5’11 PG / SG Summerville SC Pinewood Prep. Palmetto Elite Combo guard , shooter, makes right read, solid defender, handles
Braxton Washington 2019 SF Charleston SC Premier Jammers Good rebounder, solid on defense, work on playing good team D
Brendan McHale 2017 6’0 PG Charleston SC Bishop England High School Port City Stars Nice mid-range jumpshot, quick feet, strong base, needs to work on moving without the ball, hustle player
Brent Carraway 2016 5’8 PG Sumter SC Wilson Hall Carolina Storm Makes right play, hit 3 off the catch, knocked down mid-range jumper off shot fake, point guard mentality makes extra pass, competes
Bryce Schneider 2017 6’5 SG Myrtle Beach SC Myrtle Beach Big Shots Elite 2017 BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, BIG SHOTS ALL AMERICAN, BIG SHOTS MB1 16U MVP, High level driver, lengthy lefty finishes at rim over length L/R/dunk, best passer in camp L/R, shoots 3, great student, high IQ, can shoot every shot, rebounder, No. 3 SC 2017, 6 offers & recruiting cont. to grow
Caleb Jenerette 2017 6’3 SG Galivants Ferry SC Aynor High School Flight 22 Shooter, 3 pt specialist, good size, high basketball IQ – knows how to play, moves well w/o ball, football QB, tough player, makes right plays, hands always ready
Cameron Holmes 2016 6’3 SG Fort Mill SC Nation Ford High School Fort Mill Knicks BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, Athetlc 2G, springy step, shot it off catch.dribble, creates own shot, finishes L/R around rim, smooth stroke – good form,
Cameron Wormack 6’3 SF Columbia SC Blythewood CC Force Nice touch from outside. Effortless release on 3, sometimes settles. Lengthy driver. When aggressive good things happen. Has talented frame and upside.
Canin Griffin 2016 6’3 SG Columbia SC Ridgeview Team Truth HUSTLE AWARD. BIG SHOTS ALL STAR. ATH lefty named MVP Big Shots Charlotte, driver, active high motor, Slashing scorer, gets to the rim. Solid handle, active player
Carlos Nuttry Jr. 2017 6’2 G Columbia SC Lower Richland BIG SHOTS ALL STAR. Combo athletic scorer, springy, attacks off ball screen, finishes L/R, changes gears, a breakout performer at Top 100, Shoots 3, solid all around game
Christian Drummond 2017 6’4 F Daniel Island SC Bishop England High School Port City Stars Rebounder, runs floor, competes for loose balls, shot 15′, face up game, completed plays around the rim
Cleo Canty 2019 5’9 PG Columbia SC Cardinal Newman SC Kings Good rebounder for size, smart with ball, transition play-maker, needs to be stronger for defensive pressure, nice shot
Connor Reed 2018 6’6 F Summerville SC Ashley Ridge High School Premier Jammers Rebounder, active on glass, runs floor, developing O but seeing quick improvements, competes and makes plays with his effort, solid footwork in post
Crosby James Mixes game up, strong frame, looks to drive, passes it, solid defender, moves without the ball, imrpove shooting with range, takes care of the ball
Daiquan Bamberg 2016 5’10 SG North Charleron SC Charleron Chrter Math and Science Port City Stars Combo guard with a great shot from mid-long range, nice in transition, smart finisher, needs size, skilled PG
Dallaz Corbitt 2019 6’4 F Blythewwod SC Westwood High School SC Kings 3pt shooter, Athletic wing, attacks in transition, driver, length, active defender. Competes, cuts hard, knows spacing on the floor. Good arc on jumper
Dalvin Taylor 2016 6’4 G Cheraw SC Cherew High Big Shots Elite SC BIG SHOTS ALL STAR. Lengthy wing, active, shot maker, shoots 3, transition slasher, has had big scoring games in BIG SHOTS, BIG SHOTS MB4 SLAM Co-MVP
Daniel Dunlap 2018 6’2 PG Columbia SC Cardinal Newman School SC Kings Big PG, great size, solid handle, active defensively, driver, reads the defense
Darius Patton 2018 6’4 SF Rock Hill SC South Pointe Carolina Wolves Athletic 2018 wing with upside, lengthy frame, springy game, attacks in transition, quick first step, finishes at the rim, solid mid-range game
Demetrius Knox 2016 5’9 PG Bennettsville SC Marlboro County High School Big Shots Elite SC BIG SHOTS ALL STAR , BIG SHOTS ALL AMERICAN, A top 5 2016 PG in SC,great feel, tough, quick, hits floater, good defender, small scrappy PG, winner, high level D2/LM fit
Deuce Dean 2019 6’2 PG Columbia SC Dutch Fork SC Kings BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, Top 10 2019 SC, BIG strong PG with high basketball IQ knack to finish inside with contact. Very unselfish, Always gets players the ball in scoring positions. Makes right play.Must become a more consistent shooter to be more affective offensively. High assist to turnover ratio. All Star in many BIG SHOTS 2015 Events
Dontrell Shuler 2018 6’0 SG Irmo SC Irmo Really good athlete, excellent rebounder for size, finishes in traffic, nice handles, needs consistent jumpshot, driver, good genes.
Dre’von Sweat 2016 6’0 SG Columbia SC Irmo High School TMP 17U Uptempo PG, splits gaps in defense. Finishes in transition and in traffic. Good court vision, makes right reads. Playmaker off the dribble. Smooth shooter
Ellis Goodwin 2018 5’11 SG North Charleston SC Summerville High School TMP Combo guard, Attacks rim well, good passer, needs to be more under control on drives, tempo transition player, solid handle
Gerald Vaughn 2016 5’8 PG Columbia SC Gray Collegiate PG shot the 15′ in traffic, makes right reads offensively, doesn’t force, soft touch on jumper
Gregory Archie 2017 5’11 PG Summerville SC CATHEDRAL ACADEMY TMP Really smart PG, nice passer, light on his feet, needs to improve his mid range shot, nice defensive pressure
Isaiah Archie 2019 5’4 PG Summerville SC CATHEDRAL ACADEMY TMP Small PG, crafty finisher, hustle player with great court vision, needs to become stronger for defensive pressure, runs the floor well in transition, one to keep eye on in 2019
Isaiah Washington 2018 6’2 SG Columbia SC Irmo High School SC Kings Combo guard, great shooter from mid range, hustle player, needs to improve his defensive pressure, moves well in transition
Ja’Cor Nelson 2017 6’3 PG Columbia SC Lower Richland Carolina Wolves BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, leaper, athletic combo, good size, gears, driver, good feel in transition, finishes plays in break, good attitude plays hard, has a good motor, good basketball shills, understands the game, would want him as a teammate. Plays above rim
Jackie Johnson 2017 6’4 PG Charleston SC Bishop England High School Premier Jammers Great sized PG, moves well without the ball, can run off screens, needs to improve on ball defense, hustle player
Jacobi Bailey 2017 5’9 PG Blythewood SC Blythewood High school 3ballerelite and sc impact PG pushes tempo, handles, creates offense with his defense, slides feet, runs team, penetrates defense
Jaelen King 2018 5’5 PG Columbia SC Heathwood Hall SC Tigers Small, point guard only, go bh and can handle in open floor, plays hard and no fear, just not highly skilled player.
Jai Morrow 2017 5’5″ PG Bluffton SC Bluffton High School Carolina Ballers Small PG, good passer, great footwork, moves well without the ball, controls the tempo, needs to get stronger for more aggressive ball pressure, hustle player
Jake Martin 2018 6’0 SG Wytheville VA George Wythe High School Roanoke Pacers Got to the basket, ran in transtiion, finished well around rim especially in game 2, makes right read
Jalen Cameron 2017 6’4 SG Florence SC West Florence UBA Red DEFENSIVE MVP. Major sleeper in 2017 SC. Had big Fr. year. Long athletic SG with athleticism/upside. Shoots off dribble/catch, will dunk on you, MVP Slam 17U Blue as rising jr. Holds offers from Towson and MD Eastern Shore. 25+ ppg in SC Top 100. Steals led to dunks. Competes!
Jalen Slawson 2018 6’6 SG Summerville SC Pinewood prep Palmetto Elite Skilled wing that can shoot it, put up big numbers in BIG SHOTS 2015 Events, lengthy frame, solid handle, like his upside
Jalil Robinson 2019 5’11 PG Columbia SC Gray Collegiate Intriguing 2019, shoots it, smooth release, quick first step, slides feet, pushes tempo in the break, talented genes
Jamal Wlliams 2018 6’3 SF Elgin SC Cardinal Newman SC Kings Slasher, length, solid athlete, gets in passing lanes, continue to be consistent shooting the ball, rebounds
James Reese 2017 6’5 SG Columbia SC AC Flora High School SC Kings BREAKOUT PERFORMER, BIG SHOTS ALL AMREICAN, downhill driver, quick instincts, combo, explosive leaper, elevates on jumper, upside. Can flat out shoot! Long athletic wing who can score on all three levels. High motorplayer who never gets tired. Very good understanding of the game and game type situations.Willing defender even if it means sacrificing on the offensive end., Top 10 SC 2017
Jamie Clarke 2016 6’0 PG Lexington SC River Bluff SC Kings Lefty PG shooter with range, 3 pt shooter off dribble/catch, hits runner in transition, feel for the game, makes right read, good change of pace off ball screen, runs team. One of best 3pt shooters in Top 100 Camp
Jay Pryor 2019 Charleston SC Premier Jammers Skilled player, agressive on D, hustle player, needs to improve his shooting decisions, smooth player in transition
Jaylen Glover 2017 5’10 SG Columbia SC Dutch Fork High School SC Kings SG/PG with long arms, fills lane well in transition, needs to control the ball better, very nice touch around the rim. Solid frame, uses body well to shield defender and score
Jordan Burch 2019 Florence SC Wilson Carolina Wolves Versatile player with quick hands, great court vision, crafty player, needs to improve on defensive pressure and finishing around the rim, Good upside, one to keep eye on in 2019,
Jordan Watson 2016 6’2 G Columbia SC Carolina Wolves BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, Scores, high motor, competes every play. Winner. Top 20 2016 SC. Son of USC star has knack to score, Soft touch, Finishes around rim, efficient game. BIG SHOTS SC 17U Co-MVP, A top defender & driver in SC Top 100
Josh Livingston 2016 6’6 SF North Myrtle Beach SC North Myrtle Beach Manzer BIG SHOTS ALL STAR. Scores, Versatile big, shoots 3, active, all star BIG SHOTS ALL AMERICAN CAMP, good upside, runs lane, finishes R, pick & pop, moves well without ball, good hands, should have big sr year, athletic leaper
Justen Chatman 2018 5’10 PG Irmo SC Dutch Fork High SC Elite Good sized PG, nice handles, gret finisher around the rim, crafty, very athletic, long arms, needs to improve footwork, very quick, gret in transition.
Justice Hill 2018 6’1 SF Columbia SC Heathwood Hall Decent sized SF, nice shot and form, hustle player, needs to improve on his footwork, athlete
Juwan Gary 2019 6’6 SG Columbia SC Gray Collegiate Gray Collegiate OFFENSIVE MVP. High level wing, superb upside, strong frame, shoots 3, high flyer plays above rim, finishes through contact, uses frame very well, hits offensive and defensive glass, good timing/feel, No. 1 2019 SC, Top 25 Nationally, Avg 26 ppg Put on a SHOW!
Kaiden Rice 2017 6’6 SG Columbia SC Ridgeview Central Carolina Force BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, Athletic wing, lengthy frame, smooth floor game, quick first step, shot well from perimeter, rebounds pushes in break, long stride on drives, soft touch
Keith Matthews 2017 6’6 SG Columbia SC BLYTHEWOOD Carolina Wolves BIG SHOTS ALL STAR. Tevin Mack clone, 6’6 shooter with size and smooth game, lengthy, 3 pt shooter, pace, strides out on drives, handles, smooth floor game, high level recruit, holds several D1 offers, Top 5 SC 2017
Khalil Robinson 2019 5’11 PG Columbia SC Gray Collegiate Gray Collegiate BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, a top 2019 PG in SC, Good shooter off catch or dribble, pure release, can play off ball if needs to because he shoots so well, small PG, quick, tough, confident player that will only get better, efficient game
Khalil Shakir-Harris 2017 6’3 SG Columbia SC Blythewood High School Carolina Wolves BIG SHOTS ALL STAR. High motor player. Very athletic and rebounds the ball well for his size. Driver that completes plays. Become more consistent shotoer from mid-range to three point arc because of size. Continue to tighten handle. Every coaches dream player because of tenaciousness on the court.
Kirk Shields II 2018 5’6 PG Blythewood SC Blythewood High Central Carolina Force Small PG who moves well without the ball. Takes care of the ball, high assist to low turnover player. Become more consistent shooting with range. High basketball IQ.
Kojack Thompson 2018 5’8 PG Mauldin SC Christ Church SC Elite Really good, tight handle, great defensive pressure, needs consistent jumpshot
Kylie Blackette 2017 6’2 PG Lexington SC White Knoll High School SC Kings Really quick, great vision, nice jumpshot, solid defensively, needs consistency on jumpshot, playmaker off the bounce, creates offense wth his defense
Malachi McClain 2018 Charleston SC Premier Jammers Good rebounder, runs the floor well, attacker, strong frame
Mark Parker II 2020 5’11 PG / SG Johnsonville SC Johnsonville Middle School Carolina Stampede UBA Combo guard that performed well as youngest prospect in camp, sold stroke, plays to his strengths, took care of ball, shot well in skills sessions, ball handling is tight
Marlon Hill 2019 Charleston SC Premier Jammers Solid skill, hits footwork on jumper, moves well without the ball, defends, doesn’t force offensively lets game come to him
Marquese Wilson 2017 5’10 PG Columbia SC A C Flora High School SC Kings Solid jumpshot, good handles, good team defender, athletic, need to improve handling pressure, sets tone defensively creates Offense with his effort on defense
Marquise Riley 2017 6’4 W Columbia SC Richland Northeast Carolina Wolves BIG SHOTS ALL STAR. High flyer, plays above rim, attack mode driver, Lengthy-athletic frame, shot the ball off dribble, quick first step, continue to become efficient shooter, tough check off the dribble.
Matt Naumoff 2016 5’10 PG / SG Charleston SC Porter Gaud Port City Stars Good shooter, plays very hard, great hustle guy, solid athlete, combo that scores in transition
Matthew Lee 2018 6’3 SG Columbia SC Heathwood Hall SC Elite Attacking driver, shooter, tight handle, continues to grow, good feel for the game. 2018 to keep eye on.. Good feel/footwork on his jumper. Smooth floor game
Maurice Jade Smith 2016 5’11 PG Mount Pleasant SC Wando TMP / Premier Jammers Nice sized PG, good vision, smart player, quick hands, needs to improve on moving without the ball, hustle player
Michael Blue II 2018 6’3 SG Marion SC Marion High School Team Felton Carolina Stampede Versatile SG, very quick hands, hard worker in the paint, needs to improve on footwork, very good rebounder, nice finisher
Nahzeer Pryor 2017 5’8 PG Columbia SC Ridgeview High School SC Impact Skilled, athletic PG, knocked down 3pt shot, runs the team, doesn’t force makes right play
Nigel Chaney 2016 6’1 PG / SG Columbia SC Richland Northeast High School SC Kings Mixes game up, combo. Smooth PG with change of speed. Always under control. Has soft touch on pull up/floater. Good floor game and jumper. Strong frame, makes right reads
Noah Harper 2017 6’2 SG Columbia SC Spring Valley High School GWP Sixers BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, Athletic wing, leaper, gets out in transition, plays well above rim, driver, soft touch on floaters, dad former NFL player, competes, a Breakout Performer in Top 100
Noah Mills 2018 6’3 PF Daniel Island SC Hanahan High School Port City Stars Great footwork, plays hard, great touch around the basket, continue to improve quicks, was up for hustle award, competes for every ball, right place right time guy
Norman Nowell Columbia SC SC Kings Shooter, good release on his jumper, balanced game, lets game come to him, works well off shot fake, moves well without the ball
Omar Cook 2019 6’4 F Columbia SC Spring Valley SC Kings Srong forward, high basketball IQ, moves without the ball well, great rebounder, needs to improve his shot selection, very long, very smooth game
Onteus Anderson 2016 6’5 SF Columbia SC Gray Collegiate Academy Gray Collegiate BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, Lit it up, perimeter oriented, Slasher that gets to the rim. Explosive first step. Finishes at tin with contact. Excels in transition, Shot the 3 exceptionally well. One of leading scorers in Top 100, played well off pick & pop, stretches floor
Patrick Reedy 2018 6’6 PF Columbia SC Cardinal Newman SC Kings Solid built PF, long arms, very good rebounder, uses body well, great footwork, needs to improve his ball handling, nice touch around the rim
Randle Litmon 2018 6’2 SF Charleston SC West Ashley High School Premier Jammers Leaper, climbs ladder at rim, dunks with ease, driver, quick first step, transition player
Rashad Williams 2018 6’3 SF Elgin SC Cardinal Newman SC Kings Big framed SF, great rebounder, nice footwork, needs to work on transition D and filling lanes, hustle player
Rob Swanson 2018 5’9 PG Myrtle Beach SC Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach Smart heady PG that plays to his strengths, crafty game especially with ball in hand, Plays well off ball screen, Hits open man, , tight handles. Knockdown shooter off catch, High % 3pt shooter. Good follow through/form. Penetrator with a high assist to turnover ratio passes L/R, runs the team-floor leader
Shane O’Connor 2018 5’11 PG / SG Elgin SC Cardinal Newman SC Kings Combo, very good defender and has a knack for taking charges, gets 50/50 balls. Fearless against bigger players. Consistent shooter from mid-range to the three point arch. Must become more aggressive offensively and continue his progress as pure PG. Nice body for his size.
Shelton Brown 2018 6’3 G Charleston SC West Ashley High School Premier Jammers Athlete, physical game, Good mid range, attacks rim well, needs to work on handles, defends multiple positions, slashing game
Skylar Williams 2018 6’0 SG Charleston SC West Ashley High School Premier Jammers Good shooter, spot up shooter, work on ball handling, work on staying under control on drives, smooth release on jumper, balanced release – good arc
Steven Bennett 2017 6’0 SF Charleston SC Hanahan High Carolina Cavaliers Port City Stars Spot shooter, good follow through, high basketball IQ, plays hard, makes extra pass
Tashawn Brockington 2017 6’2 PG / SG Columbia SC Richland Northeast Carolina Wolves BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, productive combo, athletic, shoots 3, avg 16 ppg at Top 100, Driver, changes gears, finishes at rim, all star BIG SHOTS MB Spring, continues to improve
Terrell Fleming 2019 PG Columbia SC Hammond School SC Elite Combo guard that leads the team well, quick feet, smart with his hands, needs to improve his defensive pressure, hustle player
Travion McCray 2018 6’1 PG / SG Timmonsville SC Timmonsville SC Elite 1st team all state as Fr., smooth stroke, Top 5 2018 SC, strong frame, athletic, quick hands-first step, puts up numbers, one to watch will be heavily recruited
Travis Brown 2018 6’1 PG / SG Gadsden SC DREHER High school Lower Richland Promise Combo guard, hits open man, moves without ball, doesn’t turn ball over, shot well in skills, finished on drives, keep man in front
Tray’Quan Hasty 2016 5’8 PG / SG Wilmington NC Coastal Christan High School Cape Fear Warriors Combo guard that runs the team, slides defenively, set shooter solid form, high IQ player
Tyshawn Bethea 2016 6’3 SG Columbia SC Gray Collegiate Team Truth High motor active wing, stays on the move. Hit the 3, mixes game up inside.
Vance Lupton 2018 5’8 SG Mount Pleasant SC Wando High School Premier Jammers 3 pt shooter, good footwork coming off screens, follow through is spot on, Small guy with huge heart, hustles, shoots well, needs to get stronger, competes for every ball, knows how to play
Walker Lima 2018 SG Summerville SC Premier Jammers Nice spot up shooter, controls the pace of the game well, nice footwork, needs to work on dribble moves, hard worker
William Leckony 2017 6’3 SG Salisbury SC Salisbury High School Port city stars Good shooter, needs to work on timing his shots, needs to improve on playing harder D
Wyston Andrews 2017 6’2 SG Blythewood SC Cardinal Newman Central Carolina Force BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, high level athlete, tears rim down, Driver, good court vision, great release on ball, a breakout performer at event, goes by you, plays above rim. 15 ppg, strong, finishes like a college player
Xavier Dobey 2017 5’5 PG Blythewood SC Westwood High School Extra quick PG, creates off bounce, active defender, playmaker finds open man in transition, sets tempo, does solid job running the team
Xavier Miller 2016 6’1 G Columbia SC Gray Collegiate Carolina Wolves BIG SHOTS ALL STAR. Slashing combo guard that attacks off dribble. Works very well off ball screen, Has knack to score. Has soft floater, hits big shots. Shot 3 well off catch and dribble. Confident player, Receiving numerous D2 interest
Zach Sellers 2016 5’11 PG Cheraw SC Cheraw High School Big Shots Elite SC BIG SHOTS ALL STAR, BIG SHOTS ALL AMERICAN. Shooter, Proven winner, changes gears, quick scoring PG playmaker, thin but athletic, hits 3 off ball screen, playmaker off bounce, finishes L/R,,a top 5 PG 2016 in SC, Co-MVP BIG SHOTS MB FINALE 2
Zack Henderson 2019 6’0 PG / SG Myrtle Beach SC Socastee Manzer Good shooter, good rebounder for size, good athlete, needs to improve ball handling
Zack Miller 2018 6’0 SG Charleston SC Premier Jammers Shooter, hits footwork, smooth release, when aggressive good things happen, can run off screens