Nominated by BIG SHOTS Staff and Coaches as Top Performers. Complete player evaluations will be released this week.


2017 Clyde Trapp Jr. named Offensive MVP at BIG SHOTS SC Top 100, picked up 6 more offers this week

Offensive MVP: Clyde Trapp Jr. (Lower Richland 2017 6’5”) has picked up 6 more offers this week from Georgia, Georgia Tech, VCU, Portland, South Alabama, Buffalo. Holds 15+ total. BIG SHOTS SC No. 3 2017 was breakout performer at BIG SHOTS 2016 events and continued that high major play at SC Top 100

Defensive MVP: Juwan Gary (Grey Collegiate 2019 6’6”) & Jalen Cameron (West Florence 2017 6’4”)

Hustle Award:  James Reese (AC Flora 2017 6’3”),  Khalil Robinson (Gray Collegiate 2019 6’), Jalen Slawson (Pinewood Prep 2018 6’6”)

Breakout Performers: Winston Hill (Irmo 2018 6’6”), Jimmy Nichols (Conway 2018 6’7), Jamonty Williams (Wilson 2018 6’1”)


Top Skill: Sharone Wright Jr. ( West Florence 2018 6’5”), Bryce Schneider (Myrtle Beach Christian 2017 6’5”), Kaiden Rice (Ridge View 2017 6’6)

All Stars (High School)

Clyde Trapp Jr (Lower Richland 2017) BIG SHOTS SC No. 3 2017, 15+ offers
Jalen Cameron (West Florence 2017) Top defender in camp, hustles, holds several D1 offers, played great
Juwan Gary (Gray Collegiate 2019) BIG SHOTS SC No. 1 2019, No. 12 nationally, HM+ athlete
Sharone Wright Jr (West Florence 2018) BIG SHOTS SC No. 2 2018, pro style game, Top 100 Nationally
Deuce Dean (Dutch Fork 2019) BIG SHOTS SC Top 5 2019, Holds VA Tech offer, HM PG
Jalen Slawson (Pinewood Prep 2018) Shot blocker, D1 prospect, high energy, versatile forward
Khalil Robinson (Gray Collegiate 2019) BIG SHOTS SC Top 5 2019, HM PG, holds several D1 offers
Winston Hill (Irmo High 2018) Breakout Performer led camp at 24 ppg, high motor post
Jamonty Williams (Wilson 2018) Breakout Performer, high motor rebounder, active
Kaiden Rice (Ridge View 2017) a top skilled wing in event, shooter with size, holds D1 offers
Bryce Schneider (Myrtle Beach Christian 2017) Richmond commit, top passer in camp, lefty with feel
James Reese (AC Flora 2017) BIG SHOTS SC No. 6 2017, a top scorer in camp, shooter with slash game
Trae Hannibal (Hartsville 2019) Downhill driving PG, strong, attack mode
Jimmy Nichols (Conway 2018) Top 2018 big in SC, lefty active at both ends, high fg %, top rebounder
Ja’ Cor Nelson (Lower Richland 2017) Speedy athletic combo, plays with burst, shot maker
OJ Hill (West Ashley 2019) High flyer, one of top athletes in SC Top 100
Dontrell Shuler (Irmo High 2018) Combo scorer, 3pt shot maker, defends
Justin Busby (Myrtle Beach Christian 2017) Combo scorer, a top shooter in camp holds D1 offers
Michael Green (Myrtle Beach Christian 2019) BIG SHOTS SC Top 10 2019, High IQ lefty a top shooter
Matthew Lee (Heathwood Hall 2018) Averaged 18 ppg, combo scorer with size
Juwan Purdue (Lakewood 2019) BIG SHOTS SC Top 10 2019, athletic lefty hybrid forward
Randall Litmon (Northwood 2018) Rebounder, lefty hook deadly, scored in paint
Jackie Jackson (West Ashley 2019) a top 3pt shooter in camp, sees the floor, tough
Skyler Williams (West Ashley 2018) a top shooter in camp, range, combo shot maker off the bounce
Lloyd Hemming (Brookland Cayce 2017) Lengthy wing with skill set, receiving D1 interest
Christiaan Jones (Cardinal Newman 2017)  Stetson commit, lengthy combo guard, shot maker
Keith Matthews (Blythewood High 2017) Stetson commit, smooth floor game, love his upside
Travion McCray (Timmonsville 2018) BIG SHOTS SC Top 10 2018, attacking PG, scorer
Simon Grant (Dreher High 2018) Efficient scorer, active defender, slasher
Tommy Bruner (Gray Collegiate 2019) BIG SHOTS SC Top 10 2019, pure PG, scored big in camp
Grant Singleton (Lakewood 2018) High IQ PG, sees the floor, pass first PG 
Terrell Harris (Westwood 2017) Avg 16 ppg at camp


Offensive MVP: Josh Beadle (Cardinal Newman 2021 5’11”) & Korey Richardson (Southeast Middle 2022 6’)

Defensive MVP: Tysean Dawson (Dent MS 2021 5’11”)

Hustle Award: Adonis Davis (Blackville MS 2021 5’10”)

Breakout Performer: Daveon Thomas (Lee Central MS 2021 6’)  

Top Skill: Tyler Rice (2021)

All Stars (Middle School)

Tysean Dawson (Dent MS 2021)
Adonis Davis (Blackville 2021)
Korey Richardson (Southeast Middle 2021)
Tyler Rice (Kelly Middle 2021)
Joshua Beadle (Cardinal Newman 2021)
Darius Porter Jr. (El Wright MS 2021)
Julian Phillips (Muller Road 2021)
Samaad Wright (Muller Road 2022)