Myrtle Beach, SC – The Myrtle Beach Sports Center, a massive eight court facility was loaded with college scouts and talent from all over the country. The individuals below gave it their all and stood out amongst the rest during day one and two of BIG SHOTS MYRTLE BEACH 2. Check out the Recap and All-Stars from each division below!

Slam Orange Division:

slam orange gold

Gold Champion: Team Loaded VA
Runner Up: Team Felton
Silver Champion: WV Wildcats Select

MVP: Rasir Bolton – Team Loaded VA – After only scoring 5 points in game one and 8 points in game two, Rasir went OFF in game three, scoring 33 points to lead his team past a very talented Team Felton team led by UNC Commit, Jalek Felton.  Rasir knocked down 6 three-pointers and also went 7/7 from the free throw line.

slam orange mvp


Taqwain Drummond – Team Loaded 757 Chaney
Austin Katstra – Team Richmond Garner Road
Nick Weatherspoon – MBA Hoops
Ledarrius Brewer – MBA Hoops
Thomas Allen – Garner Road
Mike Okauru – Garner Road
Alex Hunter – Garner Road
Chase Johnson – Big Shots Elite
Charles Falden – River City Reign (Manns)
Brendan Brooks – Dallas Seawolves
Donte Tatum – WCBA Elite Blue
Duane Moss – Flight 22 Elite
Geoffrey Hamperian – West Virginia Wildcats Select
Timothy Dalton – M.A.T.T.S Mustangs
Luke Frampton – Big Shots Elite 2017
Bo Hodges – Tennessee Legends
Patrick Dorsey – WCBA Elite Blue
Rasir Bolton – Team Loaded VA
Jason Wade – River City Reign (Manns)
Connor Crabtree – WCBA Elite Blue
Jalek Felton – Team Felton
Iran Bennett – Team Felton
Elijah Cuffee – Big Shots Elite
Jarrod West – Big Shots Elite
Jordan Perkins – Team Felton
Aamir Simms – Team Loaded VA
James Sullivan – Big Shots Elite
Brandon Huffman – Team Loaded NC
Jordan Davis – Team Loaded NC
Kiyon Boyd – Team Loaded VA
David McCormack – Team Loaded VA
Taveion Hollingsworth – M.A.T.T.S Mustangs
Kam Langley – Team Felton
Jarius Hamilton – Team Loaded NC
Greyden Steinmetz – Oklahoma Impact

Top Scorers:

Brendan Brooks – Dallas Seawolves 33.0
Jalek Felton – Team Felton 25.0
Greyden Steinmetz – Oklahoma Impact 20.7
Charles Falden – River City Reign Ma 20.3
Nick Weatherspoon – MBA Hoops 17 20.0

Slam Blue Division:

slam blue gold

Gold Champion: TTG Elite
Runner Up: Beacon House
Silver Champion: WCBA Elite White

MVP: Shawndale Jones & Josh Creach – TTG Elite – Shawndale and Josh led their team past USA United, Douglas Brothers Elite, Team Loaded, and finally Beacon House to win the SLAM BLUE Championship.  Shawndale led the entire league in scoring over the weekend, but Josh also added in crucial points and assists throughout their 4 games to help lead them to an undefeated weekend.

slam blue mvp


Leondre Rodgers – ESBA Elite
Todd Smith – Big Shots Elite (SC)
Bernard Jones – Big Shots Elite (SC)
Jacob Brown – Team Winston
Shawndale Jones – TTG Elite
Josh Creach – TTG Elite
Joshua Jenkins – Team Winston
Damon Mcdowell – Flight 22 Select
Jimmy Ratliff – Big Shots Team Ohio
Bryan Knapp – Team Legacy
Isaiah Miller – Douglas Brothers Elite
Isaiah Hart – Douglas Brothers Elite
Isaiah Wiggins – River City Reign (Parham/Hill)
Derquan Washington – Beacon House DC
Deoni Cason – MBC Elite
Kiran Durant – Team Loaded 757 Astrop
Malik Sanders – WCBA Elite White
Colton Reed – WCBA Elite White
Tunde Scrivner – Beacon House DC
Trey Stablein – All Ohio White
Justin Lee – West Virginia Reign Elite

Top Scorers:

Shawndale Jones – TTG Elite 23.3
Sam Kapner – Team Legacy 17 (DC) 23.0
Derquan Washington – Beacon House DC 23.0
Isaiah Miller – Douglas Brothers Elite 19.0
Justin Lee – West Virginia Reign Elite 19.0

17U Orange Division: 

17u orange gold

Gold Champion: Spectrum Miron
Runner Up: Team Impact
Silver Champion: CC Flight

MVP: Malik Johnson – Spectrum Miron – Malik put on a show in the 17U Orange Division, by helping his Spectrum Miron team go undefeated on the weekend.  Malik put up big numbers against Upward Stars, Team Jeremy, Brand X, and finally Team Impact.

17u orange mvp


Jerrail Brodie – Franklin County Bulls
Semaj McCowan – Franklin County Bulls
Shamar Johnson – Alexandria Titans
Ryan Thraxton – Alexandria Titans
Charquez Clayton – Team Jeremy Florida
Philip Ortiz – Team Jeremy Florida
Seth Bradbury – CC Flight
Charquez Clayton – Team Jeremy Florida
Charmje Barideaux – Team Impact
D’Angelo Elliott – Team Vision
Malik Johnson – Spectrum Miron
KJ Pruitt – Dallas Seawolves Select
Jayme Willams – Team Phoenix Ritch
Chase Rhew – Flight 22 Slam
Jay Nixon – TYO Neptunes
Gregory Brown III – Dallas Seawolves Select
Artavious Fanning – Georgia Wildcats
Marquise Jordan – Brand X
Damauri Sexton – Defenders Elite
Tyler deuroen – Team Impact

Top Scorers:

Charquez Clayton – TEAM JEREMY FLORID 24.7
Quoyia Shorter – Georgia Wildcats 20.0
Gregory Brown III – Dallas Seawolves 19.5
Quinn Boyd – Alexandria Titans 18.0
Charmje Barideaux – Team Impact 16.0

17U Blue Division: 

17u blue gold

Gold Champion: Palmetto Elite
Runner Up: Manzer
Silver Champion: All Ohio Platinum

MVP: Michael Wright & Craig Sabb – Palmetto Elite – Wright and Sabb each went for 18 points in the championship game against Manzer.  Both of these guards have the ability to shoot the ball well as well as score off the dribble.  Two great players for the Palmetto Elite Team.

17u blue mvp


Desmond Pressley – Team All or Nothing
Joshua Livingston – Team All or Nothing
Justin Mitchell – NY Golden Eagles
Josh Mcveigh – NC Courage
Dimitric Young – Sauk Valley Magic
Matt Randolph – Tennessee Showtime
Justin Busby – Manzer
Blake Walker – Manzer
Walker Lima – Palmetto Elite
Craig Sabb – Palmetto Elite
Michael Wright – Palmetto Elite
Martez Fearrington – NC Eagles
#1 Palumbo – Spectrum Wimbish
#3 Watson – All Ohio Platinum
Christian Przybyla – North Eastern Sports
Cody Molineux – PDS Elite
Juan whitted – Bull City Silverbacks
China Jones – Bull City Silverbacks
Julian Smith – Carolina Dream Team Varsity
Matthew Vines – NY Golden Eagles
Jon Burkhalter – West Virginia Reign Elite 11/12’s
Eric Stokes – NC Courage
#10 Whitcomb – All Ohio Platinum
Matthew Morgan – NC Eagles
Daniel Santana Jr. – Northeastern Sports

Top Scorers:

Darren Stanley – Team All or Nothing 24.0
Justin Busby – Manzer 17U 23.8
Matt Randolph – Tennessee Showtime 19.7
Desmond Pressley – Team All or Nothing 18.7
Dimitric Young – Sauk Valley Magic 18.3

17U White Division:

17u white gold

Gold Champion: Vance Granville Warriors
Runner Up: Dejavu
Silver Champion: Defenders Select

MVP: Devante Barker – Vance Granville Warriors – Devante can now be called “Mr. Clutch” after hitting the game winner to beat Dejavu as time expired in the Gold Championship game this past weekend in Myrtle Beach.  Mr. Barker averaged almost 37 point per game and also picked up interest from Mississippi State after his stellar performance this weekend.

17u white mvp


Javonte Sterling – National Phenoms Blue
Rashaan Butler – Diamond Elite Warriors-Finest
Javon Terry – Dejavu
Corey Smith – Blue Chip Cavaliers
Tyrel Ragsdale – Blue Chip Cavaliers
Demetris Page – North GA Heat Gold
Antoine Nunnally – Virginia Select
Ryan Sanders – Virginia Select
John Williams, III – Alabama Basketball Academy
Michael Burfoot – Team22 White
Devonte Barker – Vance Granville Warriors
Zachary Trimiew – Prep United
Antoine Nunnally – Virginia Select
Nathaniel Hutton – Team22 White
Mark Carter – Diamond Elite Warriors-Finest
Jathon Gonzalez – Dejavu
Elijah Gregory – Prep United

Top Scorers:

Devonte Barker – Vance Granville Warriors 36.5
Noble Washington – Defenders Select 24.0
Kenneth Finley – Vance Granville Warriors 19.0
Elijah Gregory – Prep United 19.0
Tycen Gray – Alabama Basketball Academy 18.3

16U Orange Division: 

16u orange gold

Gold Champion: WV Wildcats Select
Runner Up: MBA Hoops
Silver Champion: We All Can Go

MVP: Oscar Tshiebwe & Zyon Dobbs – WV Wildcats Select – Oscar and Zyon were undoubtably the X Factor for this very talented WV Wildcats team this weekend.  They led their team and program to an undefeated weekend and brought home a gold championship trophy to take back to West Virginia.  Look for recruitment to continue to climb for these guys as they get older.

16u orange mvp


Karim Byrd – Oklahoma Impact
Kyle Marois – CBA United
Tyron Brewer – MBA Hoops
Tanarrio Ransburgh – MBA Hoops
Michael Barber – MBA Hoops
Antonio Daye – Team Felton
Coletrane Washington – TTG Elite
Brandon Stone – TTG Elite
Daivien Williamson – Team Winston
Jordan Twyman – Team Winston
Chris Whitaker – TTG Elite
El Ellis – Team Felton
Jalen Gamble – Team Felton
Oscar Tshiebwe – WV Wildcats Select
Zyon Dobbs – WV Wildcats Select
Jeremy Dillon – WV Wildcats Select
Alex Petrie – River City Reign
Eric Reed – YGLA
Joseph Fluker – Tennessee Trotters
Trevor Hensley – Tennessee Trotters
Randall Litmon – Premier Jammers
Skyler Mays – YGLA
Jayden Gardner – Team Loaded NC
Aaron Cash – Team Loaded VA
Immanuel Bates – Team Loaded NC
Nana Opaku -Team Loaded VA
Jamario Burton – Team Loaded NC
Jackson – Team Loaded 757

Top Scorers:

Alex Petrie – River City Reign 19.0
Jayden Gardner – Team Loaded NC 16 18.0
Coletrane Washington – TTG Elite 17.5
Brandon Stone – TTG Elite 17.0
James Jackson – Premier Jammers Po 15.5

16U Blue Division:

16u blue gold

Gold Champion: Tri State Express
Runner Up: WCBA White
Silver Champion: Carolina Flyers

MVP: Luke Thomas – Tri State Express – Luke has impress many people since the All American as being one of the top shooters in All American Camp, Myrtle Beach 1 & 2. Luke is a lot more than a spot up shooter, and he will soon be one of the shooters on every college coaches list.

16u blue mvp


Warren Ramsey – NC Vortex
Kollin Vanhorn- Tri State Express
Jeremy Butler – High Point Havoc
Andreas Wilson – Franklin County Bulls
Matthew Atherton – NC Gaters East
Noah Atwood – Spectrum Wheeler
Bryce Carnohan – WCWAA Elite
Ricky Clemons – WCBA White
Isaiah Bigelow – Team Cobras
Ahmad Jeffries – Team Cobras
Jonah Fitzgerald – TTG
Jordan Bates-Williams – Carolina Flyers
Dewan Grainger – Ascend Ballers
Tavion Taylor – Carolina Flash
Kalen Williams – Georgia Bulls
Ramello Williams – Wilmington Waves
Joshua Drayton – Carolina Chaos
Jadon Hayes – Tri State Express
Luke Thomas – Tri State Express
Matthew Radford – High Point Havoc
Haydn Lyons – NC Gaters East
Collin Bannister – National Phenoms
Eilyjah Bradshaw – WCBA White
Jordan Lytes – Carolina Chaos
Jimmy Nichols – Ascend Ballers
Davion Gilbert – Upward Stars Yellow
Blake Buchanan – Carolina Flyers

Top Scorers:

Andreas Wilson – Franklin County Bulls 27.0
Jonah Fitzgerald – Team TTG 22.0
Ricky Clemons – WCBA 16U White 21.8
Kalen Williams – Georgia Bulls 16 18.5
Isaiah Bigelow – Team Cobras 16 18.5

16U White Division:

16u white gold

Gold Champion: TNBA Kaminski
Runner Up: Your Future Basketball
Silver Champion: NEW Elite

MVP: Luke Nedrow – TNBA Kaminski – Luke may have not lead his team in scoring this weekend, but he knocked down some BIG TIME shots that ensured his team the win in each of their games.  Luke has the ability to score from anywhere on the court and can shoot the long range ball like it’s nothing.  Look for the youngster to have a breakout year next year.

16u white mvp


Sean Gingrich – Sauk Valley Magic
Kendrell Generette – Manzer
Marcus Harrison – Tri County Thunder
Jordan Lopez – Flight 22 Teal
Eric Truong – Your Future Basketball
Michael Truong – Your Future Basketball
Jacqui Bailey – Alive United
Clint Scott – Academy Prep
Hayden Edgar – Flight 22 Purple
Loginn Norton – Team 22 Black
Damian Moore – N.E.W Elite
Luke Nedrow – TNBA Kaminksi
Fred (“Nick”) Thomas – VA Hard2Guard
ReSean White – VA Hard2Guard
Robert Guyton – Manzer
Messiah Woods – Prep United
Jomoan Brown – Team Hustle DMV
Clint Scott – Academy Prep
BJ Blue – Carolina Stampede

Top Scorers:

Messiah Woods – Prep United 24.0
Clint Scott – Academy Prep 21.0
BJ Blue – Carolina Stampede 21.0
Marcus Harrison – tri county thunde 20.0
Eric Truong – Your Future Basketb 19.5

15U Orange Division:

15u orange gold

Gold Champion: Team Loaded VA
Runner Up: Team Loaded NC
Silver Champion: Pittsburg Storm

MVP: Armando Bacot & Zac Ervin – Team Loaded VA – Armando and Zac each averaged over 12 points per game this weekend while leading their team to a gold championship over Team Loaded NC.  The championship game between the same program was one to watch, with high scoring going on on both sides of the ball.  Two high major players with major upside.

15u orange mvp


Armando Bacot – Team Loaded VA
Josh Nickleberry – Team Loaded NC
Evan Johnson – Team Loaded NC
Jaelyn Withers – Team Loaded NC
Jaemyn Brakefield – MBA Hoops
Brandon Weatherspoon – MBA Hoops
Zac Ervin – Team Loaded VA
Trae Smith – WCBA Elite Blue
Shayne Saigo – WCBA Elite Blue
Jett Sternberger- Oklahoma Impact Hendon
Michael Walton – Team Winston
khajerik olivier – Team Impact
Tristan Perry – Team Felton
Traylen Warren – Team Felton
Justin Thomas – YGLA
Bryton Constantin – YGLA
Qualeem Poindexter – NC Gaters Sutton
Jakhari Taylor – Team Richmond Garner Road
Emery Simmons – Xpress United
Jonquez Green – Xpress United
LeVar Allen – Team Loaded VA
Isaiah Todd – Team Loaded VA
Zion Harmon – WACG
Keondre Fryer – Team Wall
Bryce Radford – Pittsburg Storm
Nick Cheeley – NC Top Flight
Malik Puryear – NC Top Flight

Top Scorers:

Jaemyn Brakefield – MBA HOOPS ELITE 27.5
Emery Simmons – Xpress United 24.3
Trae Smith – WCBA Elite Blue 20.0
Tristan Perry – TEAM FELTON 19.0
Justin Thomas – YGLA 19.0

15U Blue Division:

15u blue gold

Gold Champion: CC Flight
Runner Up: Columbia Ravens
Silver Champion: WCBA White

MVP: Bryson Childress – CC Flight – Bryson averaged almost 15 points per game on the weekend, while knocking down multiple threes each game.  Mr. Childress can shoot the lights out of a gym and then school you on the arc and take you to the basket.  Once Bryson is able to mature and develop his game more, he will be unstoppable.

15u blue mvp


Devon Russell – Spectrum Good
Patrick Richardson – Manzer Grey
Sherman Williams – Team Metro
Zizzy Newell – NC Eagles
Rock Falls – Sauk Valley Magic
John Marshall – Columbia Ravens
Phillip Burwell – WCBA Elite White
Jordan Hoimqvist – Philly Freedom Stars
Malek Mims – Philly Freedom Stars
Quincy Snead – EBA All Stars
Josh Metz – Blue and Gold Select
Bryson Childress – C.C. Flight
Justin Lowe – Team Cobras
Ian Rogers – Kingsport Knights
Jalen Matthews – Manzer Black
Dexter Radcliffe – VA Hard2Guard Strothers
Dylin Borden – Team Metro
Johnny Wright – Manzer Grey
Dylan Riggsbee – NC Eagles
Riamello Wadsworth – Kingsport Knights
Damar Johnson – Carolina Chaos

Top Scorers:

Alex Woolard – Blue & Gold Select 28.0
DJ Robertson – Carolina Flash 23.0
Devon Russell – Spectrum Good 20.0
Johnny Wright – Manzer Basketball 18.3
Michael Ford – Prep United 17.0

14U Orange Division:

14u orange gold

Gold Champion: WV Wildcats Select
Runner Up: Team Felton
Silver Champion: Team Strong

MVP: Drew Hatfield & David Curley – WV Wildcats Select – Drew and David were lights out for the WV Wildcats team.  Both averaged over 10 points per game on the weekend and also were able to score in multiple ways.  They each are very quick players with high basketball IQ for their age.  Look for these guys to blow up in the near future.

14u orange mvp


Kaden Metheny – Big Shots Elite WV 2020 – Blue & Gold Select
Kadin McClurg – Big Shots Elite WV 2020 – Blue & Gold Select
Zach Miller – WCBA Elite Blue
Cam Miller – WCBA Elite Blue
Declan McCarthy – VA Hokies
Jalen Jasper – VA Hokies
Jalen Coit – Big Shots Elite (SC)
Marshall Myers – Big Shots Elite (SC)
Malik Harrington – Philly Freedom Stars LV
Drew Hatfield – WV Wildcats Select
Luke LeRose – WV Wildcats Select
David Curley – WV Wildcats Select
Mekhi Collins – NC Gaters East
Colby May – NC Gaters East
Jdahkiz Brooks – Gainesville Wildcats

Top Scorers:

Jalen Coit – Big Shots Elite (SC) 34.0
Kaden Metheny – Big Shots Elite WV 21.5
Declan McCarthy – VA Hokies 18.0
Drew Hatfield – WV Wildcats Selec 15.8

14U Blue Division:

14u blue gold

Gold Champion: Georgia Knights
Runner Up: National Phenoms
Silver Champion: Tri County Thunder

MVP: Brandon Stroud – Georgia Knights – Brandon averaged 15.0 points per game this weekend and brought his Georgia Knights team home a gold championship.  Brandon helped his team defeat LBA Thunder, Your Future Basketball, Franklin County Bulls, and finally National Phenoms in the championship game.

14u blue mvp


Tucker Dorman – Your Future Basketball
Jahiem Anderson – Your Future Basketball
Lawton Fulford – Manzer Black
Xayvion Knox – Manzer Black
Jordan Dunn – Manzer Black
Dashaquavius Cooper – Carolina Stampede
Emorie Knox – Myrtle Beach Phenoms
Rakeem Sims – LBA Thunder
Brandon Stroud – Georgia Knights
Quincey Miller – Georgia Knights
Nick Green – Franklin County Bulls
Tre Jones – Franklin County Bulls
William Lewis – Manzer Black
Mark-Aaron Parker II – Carolina Stampede
Thomas Townes – Tri County Thunder
Christopher Newell – Georgia Knights

Top Scorers:

Nick Green – Franklin County Bulls 24.5
Thomas townes – Tri county thunder 23.5
Brandon Stroud – Georgia Knights 15.0
Phadol Jordan – Tri county thunder 15.0

13U Division:

13u gold

Gold Champion: GC Ballers
Runner Up: Team Ball Out
Silver Champion: TOGS

MVP: Harrison Alexander – GC Ballers – Great post player, with great hands and loves defending the rim. He led his team all weekend putting up big numbers almost averaging a double double. Harrison will be one to watch as he gets older and his game progresses.

13u mvp


Carson Poffenberger – Togs
Zaire May – Carolina Bulls Johnson
Mike McLean – Team Fly Black
Jordan Marsh – GC Ballers
JJ starling – GC Ballers
Harrison Alexander – GC Ballers
Justin Stubbins – Team Ball Out
Mark Walker – Manzer Grey
Cohen Gaskins III – Carolina Cavaliers
Kahrone Brabham Jr. – Carolina Cavaliers
#24 Chris – We All Can Go All Stars

Top Scorers:

Zaire May – Carolina Bulls 15.0
Cohen Gaskins III – Carolina Cavaliers 15.0
Mike McLean – Team Fly Black 14.0
Jordan Marsh – GC Ballers 12.5
Caleb Foster – GC Ballers 12.0

12U Division:

12u gold

Gold Champion: Team Ball Out
Runner Up: Greensboro Warriors

MVP: Zavian Wiggins – Team Ball Out

12u mvp

11/10U Divison: 

11:10 Gold

Gold Champion: Team Wall NC
Runner Up: Team Ball Out

MVP: Treymane Parker & Xavier Tubbs – Team Wall NC

11:10U MVp