Greensboro, NC – At Big Shots Slam Dunk Greensboro Team Felton the 14U division had several players stand out and make their first big mark at Big Shots Circuit 2019. CJ Vaughn was the top overall 14U performer scoring 28 points in a round 2 win for Team Bond and helped lead them to the 14U Title in a win vs. Team Felton. Vaughn led the 14U division 18 ppg. Check out the all stars that stood out:

14U Division All Stars

Team Bond 11 CJ Vaughn 2023 G The breakout player and 14U MVP at Next Felton not only led the 14U div. at 18 ppg but led his team to the 14U title. Scored 28 points in Rd 2. A stroke from deep to go with a savvy handle and athleticism to finish rim level with either hand. Transition PG that pushes tempo and puts pressure on D off the bounce. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist

Team Hickory 15 Chris Culliver 2023 F Slasher with length averaged 13.5 ppg on Day 1 Next TF

Team Hickory 13 Jalen Robinson 2023 G Jalen is a 3-point shooter that can run them off

Team Loaded 2023 23 Myles Archie 2023 G Driving wing, active in the paint

Team Loaded 2023 12 Carson Shelton 2023 G Shooter off the catch, moves well without the ball, 3-point threat with range.

SOVA HOOPS 44 Kaiden Swortzel 2023 F Scored 14 points in Rd 1, high IQ wing

VA Select 14U 24 Gabriel Campbell 2024 SG Scoring combo fluid off the bounce average 16 ppg Day 1

As One Elite 32 Caleb Ellison 2023 G Efficient games, painted the shot chart scoring all 3-levels

Big Shots Elite NC 23 11 Will Brimmer 2023 CG High motor hybrid forward, rebounds, active 2-way player that gets scratches

Big Shots Elite NC 23 3 Levi Romero 2023 PG Shooter with high basketball IQ, active hands led to several steals and layups

Flight 22 Future 5 Bryson Cokley 2023 SF Had as much upside as any 2023 player in event, lengthy frame and skilled, perimeter oriented with a smooth release on the jumper

Virginia Nets 2 Lawrence Cole 2023 PG Floor genreral, coach’s son that makes all the right reads hitting open man and cutter passing with either left or right hand. One of the top passers in the 14U division at Big Shots Next Team Felton

Team Felton Burlington 2023 9 O’Shae Fernandez 2023 PG Quick PG, gets to his spots on the floor scoring in traffic and confident pull up game

Team Felton Burlington 2023 11 Yamari Pittman 2023 SF Lefty shooting wing, slasher, finishes through contact and hits the glass converting on cutbacks.

Team Bond 1 Jamarien Peterkin 2024 G Peterkin led the 14U division in steals which help lead his team to the title. His defense was game changing as it quickly turned into points for him or CJ Vaughn. 2-way player that takes pride in his D and wins his matchup

Team Felton Perkins 2023 25 Giovanni Nannucci 2023 SF Athletic lefty forward that competes at both ends of the floor. Led Team Felton in scoring and to the title game. Scores off two-feet well especially going left. Strong frame, rebounds out of area. Guards multiple positions

Team Felton Perkins 2023 3 Adrian Moody 2023 PG 3-point shooter, tight handle, creates, plays on & off the ball

Strong Center 14 U 1 Jake Hart 2023 PG Lefty floor leader with pace and court vision and a stroke from 3. As a coach’s son he displays a high basketball IQ running the show for the Strong Center team. Takes and hits big shots

Strong Center 14 U 0 Sam Streeter 2023 F Competitive wing that gets to the rim, stays hands ready on drop offs to finish. Hits the glass

SOVA HOOPS 23 Dylan Saunders 2023 F / C Long, lateral athletic post player that is only 13 years old at 6’5. Uses his length well, runs the floor, showed good upside

Flight 22 Future 23 Kashawn McCollum 2023 SF Athletic slashing lefty, finishes at rim through contact, 14 points in Rd 2, length + strength

Greensboro Warriors – Dorsey 8th grade 1 Rashaud Carter 2023 PG Shooter, creates off the bounce, sees the floor

Team Bond 15 Jalill Rogers 2023 G Love players that make scratches and Jalil Rogers does that. Highly active wing with above rim athleticism over 1/2 feet. Defends all positions right now, pushes the ball off a rebound. Gets hands in passing lanes. Help lead team to title at Next Felton

Big Shots Elite NC 23 30 Amir Sidberry 2022 C-PF Amir creates a mismatch with his frame and size then ability to stretch the floor with his jumper. Smooth lefty stroke from 3 and gets to the line at a high rate

Team Felton Perkins 2023 24 Joshua Randolph 2023 SF Lengthy wing, active around the rim and in the press. rebounds with his length, 15 ft and in scorer

Flight 22 Future 2 Isaiah Bromelle 2023 PG Quick lefty PG that sets the tone on defense and creates off the bounce on O. Smooth stroke from 3, plays fast. Makes the throw ahead pass on the dime. PG help lead Flight 22 to Next Felton Bronze Title


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