Raleigh, NC – In the 5th annual Big Shots Raleigh North Carolina Top 150, many of North Carolina’s top talent took center stage. In years’ past MVP’s have included Thomas Allen, Joey Baker, Day’Ron Sharpe and Greg Gantt Jr. In the Next division, 2024 Steven McLeod was the most vocal player and earned the 2024 MVP with his play. Let’s check out the top performers in the Classes of 2024 and 2025 at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

MVP: Steven McLeod 2024 5’6 PG Roseville (NC)/Garner Road
Brandon Ihle 2024 6’0 F West Lake Middle School (NC)/Triangle Flight
Bryce Cox 2024 5’8 F Greenwood MS (NC)/ Team Wall Big East
Cameron Goins 2024 (NC)/Garner Road
Greg Ehlinger 2024 6’5 C East Cary MS (NC)/CEBA
Mason Walters 2024 5’2 G Mills Park (NC)/ Triangle Flight
A.J. Gladieux 2025 4’11 G (NC)/ Lightning
Cole Pakkala 2025 4’11 G Swift Creek Middle (NC)/WCBA White

2024-2025 All-Stars

Raleigh NC Top 150
Steven McLeod

2024 Steven McLeod 5’6 PG Roseville (NC)/Garner Road | From the moment he walked in, through warm ups to skills and games, Steven McLeod was up for the most vocal and encouraging player in camp. I loved his energy and that carried into his play where he hit four 3-fgs in game 1 scoring 14 points followed up with 11 points in game 2. A shooter that has good form on his jumper and can score at the mid-range as well inside the paint. A natural leader that brings it not just on offense but on defense setting the tone picking up early. Slides his feet quick and can transfer steals into points in a hurry. Led the 2024 class in scoring at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 and earned 2024 MVP honors. Big Shots NC 2024 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Greg Ehlinger

2024 Greg Ehlinger 6’5 C East Cary Middle (NC)/CEBA | Size at a young age attracts attention but the game is what eventually talks and the combination of that for Greg Ehlinger was a buzz at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. At 6’5 Greg was very impressive in size for a seventh grader with length, big hands and feet and loads up of upside. In skills he showed his instincts in ball screen action quick on his rolls and keeping the ball high to finish inside. Greg was dominant in the games scoring 12 points in game 1 and 10 points in game 2 racking up rebounds at both ends of the floor. A shot blocker around the rim with instincts to get two-handed rebounds. Bigs all develop at a different pace and Ehlinger is one to keep an eye on as signs show for a bright future. Big Shots NC 2024 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Brandon Ihle

2024 Brandon Ihle 6’0 F West Lake Middle (NC)/Triangle Flight | Ihle was a consistent all star all year with Triangle Flight, the sharpshooter continued to stay hot at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. Brandon is a versatile forward that can hit the 3 and attacks a close out hard to get to the rim. In game 1 he scored 13 its averaged 9 ppg for the camp. He moves well without the ball and plays energy and a high basketball IQ where he ends up at the right spot at the right time to make a play. 2024 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150, joins Big Shots NC 2024 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Bryce Cox

2024 Bryce Cox 5’8 F Greenwood Middle (NC)/Team Wall Big East | Cox is an athletic, versatile forward that can play 1-3 and defend the same positions. He rebounds out of his area and is a defensive stopper. It was his defensive presence at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 that stood out and earned him a spot on the 2024 All Star team. With Team Wall this season he had several big scoring outputs. He has the instincts that lead to production and is full of upside. Big Shots NC 2024 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Cameron Goins

2024 Cameron Goins Garner Road | High motor wing that finished around the rim at a high rate. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he averaged 11.5 ppg scoring in double figures each game. Active defender and rebounder that used his energy and instincts to make plays. Named 2024 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Mason Walters

2024 Mason Walters 5’2 G Mills Park (NC)/Triangle Flight | Mason is a 3-point shooter that lit it up in skill session and also in the games. He scored 12 points in game 2 averaged 8 ppg for the camp in earning 2024 All Star honors. Moves well without the ball to get open showing his high basketball IQ in understanding spacing on the floor. Very coachable, unselfish player that makes the extra pass to get a better shot.

Raleigh NC Top 150
AJ Gladeiux

2025 A.J. Gladieux 4’11 G (NC)/Lightning | AJ was fearless in driving the ball, pouring in a game high 14 points in game 2 in earning 2025 all star honors at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. Impressed with his finishing inside the paint against older, bigger players. Competes defensively helping get the ball for his team. Solid foot speed, very coachable, joins Big Shots NC 2025 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150

2025 Cole Pakkala 4’11 G Swift Creek Middle (NC)/WCBA White | Cole consistently hit the mid-range jumper off the catch leading to him scoring 14 pts game two and being named to the 2024-25 All Star team. He was shot ready in skills and it trickled to the games where he found himself open with movement and knocked down shots. Playing up isn’t always easy for 6th graders but there was no fear in Cole and he relied on his skill set and shooting to shine.


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