Raleigh, NC – In the 5th annual Big Shots Raleigh North Carolina Top 150, many of North Carolina’s top talent took center stage. In years’ past MVP’s have included Thomas Allen, Joey Baker, Day’Ron Sharpe and Greg Gantt Jr. In the 2023 classe, sharpshooting William Otto starred once again put on a show earning 2023 MVP honors. Let’s check out the top performers in the Class of 2023 at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

2023 All Stars 1st Team
MVP: William Otto 5’9 G NC Garner Road
Quasim Oden 5’9 PG NC Garner Road
William Brimmer 6’1 F NC Big Shots Elite NC/Eastern Carolina Phenomz
Bryson Cokley 6’ G NC Flight 22
Cameron Spencer 6’0 G NC Garner Road
Shajn Beckton 6’2 G NC Garner Road
Isaiah Bromelle 5’6” G NC Flight 22
Jai Williams 5’10 G NC Flight 22
Xavier Deberry 5’10 W NC RDC Lakers
Hayes Carlin 5’3 PG NC Carolina Legend

2023 All Stars 2nd Team
King Dorsey 5’5 PG NC Greensboro Warriors
Blake Raphael 5’9 G NC Garner Road
Lawrence Cole 5’8” G VA Virginia Nets
Reese Loughlin 5’9” G NC Flight 22
Adrian Weston 5’1” G NC Garner Road Bulldogs
Josh Bailey 6’0 G NC Garner Road
Keith Sampson Jr 6’0” PF NC Eastern Carolina Phenomz

2023 All-Stars

Raleigh NC Top 150
William Otto

MVP: William Otto 5’9 G Garner Road |  William Otto is a player that has excited Big Shots and the Garner Road family for many years and you may not know him nationally yet but you soon will. North Carolina’s top shooter in 2023 with an advanced skill set and a tough swagger about him that you need to play at the highest of levels. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150, Otto averaged 18 ppg scoring 21 points in game 2 on his way to earning 2023 MVP honors. A familiar spot for the shooter where he has consistently been named MVP at Big Shots over the years. He has a pure release off the catch and dribble and when pushed off the 3 he can finish with contact and over length at the rim. Scores in all ways at an efficient rate. Otto has many similarities to fellow Garner Road star University of Virginia commit Carson McCorkle, they both can stroke it, advanced skill package with footwork and IQ in the bag, defense to go with it and the confidence streak you want in a player. A bright future is ahead for William Otto one of NC’s best in 2023. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Quasim Oden

Quasim Oden 5’9 PG NC Garner Road | An electric point guard that can get end to end as fast as any in camp and score with the best of them in North Carolina’s 2023 class. Quasim Oden is a scoring lead guard, leads the team with his court awareness and ability to get shooters like teammate William Otto open. He was the top passer in Big Shots Next Raleigh NC Top 150. But also has the quicks and offensive skill set to score big numbers proven with 25 points in game two hitting three 3-fgs. The Oden-Otto Garner Road backcourt forms one of the top backcourts in the state on the circuit, forming a dynamic duo that can hurt you with quicks, shooting, 3-level scoring and toughness that will come at you for the full 32 minutes. Oden can run all day like most star guards can and will do whatever it takes to help lead his team to the win. Averaged 17 ppg at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 earning 2023  1st Team All Star honors. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
William Brimmer

William Brimmer 6’1 F Grover C Fields (NC)/Big Shots Elite NC | High motor hybrid forward that produces big numbers. The last two seasons Brimmer has been a consistent all star performer. Active defender that leads the break off a rebound to convert a layup or an assist at the other end. A double-double guy that uses his athleticism and length to create a mismatch inside-out. Impressed with his ability to continue to stretch his jumper to shoot efficiently from 3 and not just rely on his inside game. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 William scored 18 points in game 1 en route to to averaging 14 ppg for the camp. He is a high percentage shooter in the paint scoring on putbacks, dump offs and drives. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Bryson Cokley

Bryson Cokley 6’2 G Central Middle School (NC)/Flight 22 | Bryson was the 2023 breakout performer at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. A smooth shooting wing from Whiteville that has all the intangibles of shooting, size, length and inside-out game similar to that of a former Whiteville star Shaun Kirk (NC State-UNC Pembroke). At camp he scored 15 points in game two to average 13 ppg scoring at all 3-levels coming off screens or on the drive. His stroke was noticeable in the skill session and attracted the interest of many scouts on hand early in the day. Cokley has a pure jumper with range and big hands and feet that show he’s got more growth to add to his frame. Be sure to keep an eye on this lengthy shooter with upside as he continues to develop coming up the ranks. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Jai Williams

Jai Williams 5’10 G New Bern Christian Academy (NC)/Flight 22 | Jai is a smooth lefty point guard possessing the ‘it’ factor that can fill it up scoring and distribute the rock with the best of them at the PG spot in North Carolina’s 2023 class. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150, Jai was named 1st Team All Star averaging 11 ppg hitting 3 3’s in each game. It was so much scoring as it was his pace and court savviness that stood out at the Raleigh camp. A coach’s son that always brings the energy, confidence and natural point guard skills. He’s a joy to have at camp as he is very coachable and picks up on teachings quickly carrying them over to games. Quick first step, slides feet defensively, pushes tempo in the break leading to easy layups for him or teammates. He sprays the court in the break seeing the floor.  A 2-time MVP at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 in 2017 and 2018. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Cameron Spencer

Cameron Spencer 6’0 G Wakefield (NC)/Garner Road | Cameron was the top driving guard at Big Shots Next Raleigh NC Top 150 playing with a high motor pouring in a camp high of 27 points in game 1.  Spencer was active inside constantly in the paint finishing at the rim on drives, putbacks, dumpoffs and fast break layups. He has good length and knows how to use his speed and athleticism to his favor. Spencer’s versatility stood out to me defensively able to guard multiple positions then lead the break off the rebound comfortable with his handle to go make a play. Liked his touch 15 feet and in to finish in a number of ways. Shoot the mid-range jumper if stopped from getting to the rim. Intriguing prospect in the 2023 class. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Shajn Becton

Shajn Beckton 6’2 G Mills Park (NC)/Garner Road | Shajn has a confidence and smoothness to his game that projects of a high upside. He shined in the skill session absorbing all drills with his handle, quicks and shot making ability at all 3-levels. He converted that to the games where he averaged 9 ppg scoring in a number of ways. Athletic wing that gets in the passing lanes, makes the look ahead pass or dump off on the drive or converts on his own in the paint. Named 2023 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 joining Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Hayes Carlin

Hayes Carlin 5’3 PG Daniels (NC)/Carolina Legend | Hayes was a top 3-point shooter in the Next division at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. A pure stroke with an effortless release and range on his jumper, Carlin hit three 3-fg’s in both games averaging 11 ppg at camp.  It was clear to see his stroke in skills session where he didn’t miss at mid-range, was a 3-point leader in skills competition and carried that over to the games. High basketball IQ lead guard that can play off the ball and moves well without the ball to free himself up for his shot. Hayes makes the extra pass to teammates and is a high assist-to-turnover ratio guy. Named 2023 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Isaiah Bromelle

Isaiah Bromelle 5’6 G Swansboro Middle School (NC)/Flight 22 | Isaiah is a lefty two-way guard that can score it with speed and touch around the rim. Bromelle efficiently scored 14 points in consecutive games at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. Smooth stroke from 3, hit the mid-range pull up and did majority of his damage inside the paint on floaters and runners. Teaming up with Jai Williams in the backcourt for Flight 22, Isaiah was relentless off the dribble at attacking his defender to create for himself and teammates. Named 2023 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Xavier Deberry 2023 5’10 W Durham Nativity (NC)/ RDC Lakers | A stat sheet stuffing type of wing. Deberry is a 3-level scorer that has proven that on the Big Shots Circuit earning MVP honors at the 2017 Raleigh NC Top 150 and once again named 1st Team All Star in 2018. Deberry can stroke it from deep and has the mid-range and drive game to go with it. A big guard that can finish through contact and gets to the line at a high rate. He plays with a relentless motor on offense and defense. Offensively he can play 1-3 and defend 1-3 as well. I’m big on guards that rebound and Deberry fills that category as well. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist. Twitter: xdeberry

Raleigh NC Top 150
Josh Bailey

Josh Bailey 6’0 G East Garner (NC)/Garner Road | Bailey is an aggressive guard that puts pressure on opponents on the drive and finishes plays inside the paint. In game 2 at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 Bailey scored 16 points finishing in the break and also on several dump offs. With his attacking mentality he’s a player that gets to the line at a high rate. A rebounder at both ends of the floor, two-way player that creates offense with his motor and energy. Named 2023 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Keith Sampson Jr.

Keith Sampson Jr 6’0 PF Grover C. Fields Middle School (NC)/Eastern Carolina Phenomz | Sampson Jr. is a big body post that passes extremely well for his position. He brought the motor and energy on the glass and impressed me in leading the break countless times assisting to his teammates for easy layups. He was the top passing big man at Big Shots Next Raleigh NC Top 150, unselfish in so many ways willing to give up a shot for himself for an easier shot for his teammate. Keith was comfortable attacking from the high post off the dribble and finished strong through contact using his strong frame. Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

King Dorsey 5’5 PG Western Middle School (NC)/Greensboro Warriors | Like standout point guards do, King controls the tempo with the ball in his hands and gets his scorers in key positions and can takeover games scoring or dishing. Point guards that make reads and the extra pass and run the team sometimes go unnoticed in a camp setting but not at Big Shots and that’s why King stood out as much as any guard in the 2023 class at Big Shots NC Top 150. He has the quicks to split gaps and vision attack the mismatch with the dribble or pass. A coach’s son that has a high basketball IQ with the court savviness of a natural PG. Named 2023 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 and joins the Big Shots NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Lawrence Cole

Lawrence Cole 5’8 G James Breckinridge Middles School (VA)/Virginia Nets | A scoring guard has been a consistent all star at Big Shots for several years and continued that play at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 earning all star honors once again. A coach’s son that plays with pace and a skill set to score or be that playmaker for his team. He averaged 11 ppg at camp scoring a high of 13 points in game 2. Speed is high weapon off the dribble and can hit the floater and get crafty at the rim to finish against length and contact. He attacked in transition as well as on a hard close out showing his basketball IQ and feel to make a play in traffic. An all star for Virginia Nets on the Big Shots Circuit. Big Shots VA 2023 Watchlist.  Twitter: @lball247

Raleigh NC Top 150
Reese Laughlin

Reese Loughlin 5’9 G Holly Shelter Middle School (NC)/Flight 22 | Shooters shoot and Reese can fill it up. Noticeably in the skill session Reese had a pure release as he made a run at the 3-point shootout title. Balanced form, good follow through, can’t leave open on the perimeter. He knows how to play and move without the ball to free himself up. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he had the hot hand from 3 but proved he’s not just a sharpshooting as he mixed it up inside on drives showing his touch at the rim.  He averaged 12 ppg scoring 14 points in game 1 followed by 10 points in game 2. Named 2023 2nd Team All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 and joins NC 2023 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Blake Raphael

Blake Raphael 5’9 G NRCA (NC)/Garner Road | Blake is a strong athletic combo guard that attacks his defender off the dribble. He was active on the offensive glass converting several putbacks. Raphael runs his lane hard which opened up scoring opportunities for him or his teammates with his cutting. A versatile defender that showed he could guard multiple positions. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he averaged 10 ppg. in earning 2023 2nd Team All Star honors.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Adrian Weston

Adrian Weston 5’1 G River Bend Middle (NC)/Garner Road Bulldogs | Weston is a lefty, heady point guard that sees the floor and plays with productive instincts. He scored 12 points in game 1, hitting the mid-range jumper and floaters in the paint. He sees the floor in transition hitting the open made on penetration and kick. Also excelled in ball screen action to make the right reads. Poised guard offensively, pesky defender that creates havoc on the ball. Standout for Garner Road named 2023 all star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.


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