Raleigh, NC – In the 5th annual Big Shots Raleigh North Carolina Top 150, many of North Carolina’s top talent took center stage. In years’ past MVP’s have included Thomas Allen, Joey Baker, Day’Ron Sharpe and Greg Gantt Jr. In 2022, Asa White earns another MVP honor. Let’s check out the top performers in the Class of 2022 at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

2022 All Stars 1st Team
MVP: Asa White 2022 6’7 F Garner NC Team Wall
Isaac McKneely 2022 6’2 G Poca WV Big Shots Elite
Julien King 2022 5’8′ G Broughton NC Garner Road
KJ Keatts 2022 5’9 PG Broughton NC Garner Road
Nikolas Graves 2022 5’9 PG Durham Academy NC Team Felton
Omar Harris 2022 6’3 PG Washington County High NC Garner Road
Silas Demary Jr 2022 5’11 PG Millbrook NC NC Red Storm
Justin Monden 2022 5’7 PG Heritage HS NC NC Red Storm
Dakota Gordon 2022 NC Garner Road

2022 All Stars 2nd Team
DeShawn Woods 2022 6’1 PG Cape Fear NC Garner Road
Dylan Wiggins 2022 6’4 F Clevland High NC Garner Road
Jesse Bryant 2022 G South Garner NC Garner Road
Joshua Rogosich 2022 5′ 8′ SG NRCA NC Triple Threat
Chandler McNeil 2022 5’8” G Lumberton High School NC Flight 22
Ethan Stutts 2022 6’1 SF Carrboro NC CSB Select 2022

2022 All-Stars

Raleigh NC Top 150
Asa White

MVP: Asa White 6’7 F Garner (NC)/Team Wall | At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 Asa showed not only why he is a top forward in NC but also nationally in the 2022 class scoring 22 points against some of the states best talent. In doing so White was named 2022 MVP at Raleigh NC Top 150. His motor was on a high, which led to easy buckets in traffic and created a mismatch at his size and position to his advantage. He has all the tools to bloom into high major talent. Scoring inside-out and in transition he is staying on the grind developing his entire all around game. Success follows Asa, from the first event of year at HoopState Invitational Asa has been impressive with Team Wall and it was no different at SE Top 150 Paul Biancardi earning 2022 All Star honors. At 6’7 with a 6’10 wingpsan Asa is as versatile as it gets at that age effecting the game in many ways. He has the ability to score inside in the post, off rebounds to drives and even showed his 3-pt stroke knocking down several. Has the instincts to make a play using his length to block shots or shoot over defenders. High motor hits both glass and runs the floor. Love the path he is on for a bright future. Big Shots NC 2022 Top 5

Raleigh NC Top 150

Isaac McKneely 6’2 G Poca (WV)/Big Shots Elite | At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 McKneely faced off verse many of NC’s best and showed why he is WV’s top shooting guard in 2022 connecting on four 3’s for 14 points.  If you loved former Poca (WV) /Big Shots Elite star Luke Frampton (Davidson) who was one of nation’s elite shooters and will be a star this season at Davidson, then you will love Isaac McKneely. The next Poca star is Luke Frampton 2.0. Same stroke, style of play, demeanor and even same hair dew to go with it. In talking with both former Poca greats Luke Frampton & Elijah Cuffee they both said without hesitation that McKneely is the real deal and going to be another great Dot! Isaac is a future D1 prospect. Now at 6’3, he continues to grow and possesses length and advanced poise at the guard spot. A high level stroke and fluidity to his game. Triple threat, highly skilled, efficient scorer who could do it all. His handles are tight for his size/length and his vertical leap is impressive now flushing with ease in the break. Isaac has the potential to develop into a high major prospect. He was named 2018 Big Shots WV Top 150 2022 MVP averaging 15 ppg, add Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 all star to his accolades as the top 2022 shooter in camp. Already receiving interest from West Virginia, Marshall and Davidson.

Dakota Gordon 2022 G Garner Road | A breakout performer at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150, Gordon connected on six 3-fgs in game two to score 26 points. Standing with 2-time NBA Champion, he kept saying Dakota can go just watch and sure enough he pours in 26 points in front of us. A shooter with swag Dakota can get his off the catch or dribble in an efficient way. He moves well without the ball and plays a fluid game in the full and half court. He will definitely will be one to keep on your Named 2022 1st Team All Star at Big Shots Raleigh.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Silas Demary Jr.

Silas Demary Jr 5’11 PG Millbrook (NC)/NC Red Storm | Reminds me of NC 2018 native Daivien Williamson now at East Tennessee State, a giant killer that will do it time and time again. At the 2018 Big Shots Carolina Invitational Tournament starring for NC Red Storm, Silas Demary was the top 2022 performer in the tournament. He continued that play scoring 18 points at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 earning 2022 1st Team All Star honors. Coming off an injury you couldn’t even tell. At 5’11 the pure point guard possesses a stroke, speed, toughness to guard 94-feet, unselfishness and big shot making ability; all intangibles you want in a point guard. A slippery drive game that finds himself making a living in the paint. Solid defender that guards multiple positions creating turnovers with his length and motor. I love seeing players fly under the radar on our platform that I predict to be good ones and Silas Demary Jr. is one of them. I’ve watched him the last two years succeed and get better every time out proving to be one of the best point guards in North Carolina’s 2022 class. With the professional genes in his favor from his dad, former Arena Football Defensive MVP, he is going to learn from someone that has walked it and strive to be the best. Big Shots NC 2022 Watchlist.

Justin Monden 5’7 PG Heritage (NC)/NC Red Storm | Sharp shooting, quick ball handler that plays both ends of the floor with a high basketball IQ and intensity. Named 2022 1st team all star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 coming off earning 2022 MVP at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 last fall. Only at 5’7 Monden uses his speed, stroke, IQ and leadership to make plays happen. For two consecutive years, he has stood out in the skill session offensively making reads to score at will whether off drive or jab/step back jumpers. Defensively, he grasped the angles of defense philosophy and locked up players on the drive. Monden has a smooth stroke off the catch or dribble which carried over to games where he scored 15 points in game 1 and averaged 12 ppg for the camp. Love his upside as he continues to age and grow, and skills to go with it. Very coachable and puts in the work. Big Shots NC 2022 Watchlist. Twitter: @justinmonden

Raleigh NC Top 150
KJ Keatts

KJ Keatts 5’9 PG Broughton (NC)/Garner Road | Point guards with a natural cerebral feel for the game are a joy to watch and KJ Keatts falls in that group. A coach’s son (Son of NC State head coach Kevin Keatts) that is an extension of the coach on the floor with his reads, leadership and playmaking ability at both ends of the floor. At Big Shots Raleigh June Classic and in Myrtle Beach, his floor savviness stood out to me not ever settling offensively applying pressure to the defense off the dribble and making the right reads to convert at a high percentage. Being around great guards all his life KJ understands the game, gears, angles, and intangibles that the great guards have and has implemented many of those traits into his repertoire. He consistently knocks down the 15 foot jumper, scores and passes with either hand, has a tight handle and runs the team with a high assist-to-turnover ratio. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he was limited to the skill session overcoming an injury but the skill package was evident showing his speed, ball screen action reads dishing or hitting the jumper. He’ll be a top point guard to watch in North Carolina’s 2022 class.

Raleigh NC Top 150
Nik Graves

Nikolas Graves 5’11 PG Durham Academy (NC)/Team Felton |  Graves made all the right reads as a true PG getting scorers the ball at the right time every time. Named Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 2022 All Star. At a young age you can tell when players just have it, Nikolas Graves is that way at the PG spot. He has starred in Big Shots Circuit the last 2 years and is one of our favorite players to watch play with an advanced skill set, pure lefty stroke, toughness and vision of a future high level PG. Son of two coaches that haved passed along to Nik a tremendous feel for the game. Last year, Graves was named a top 5 performer at Big Shots SE Top 150 Paul Biancardi averaging 15 ppg scoring from beyond the arc and on mid-range jumpers. A 3-level scoring PG that is a superb passer. NC Top 10 2022, one of NC’s top 2022 PG’s. Future D1 prospect. Twitter: coaches_dream

Raleigh NC Top 150
DeShawn Woods

DeShawn Woods 6’1 PG Cape Fear (NC)/Garner Road | Deshawn is a big lead guard that can score in a number of ways. He earned 2022 all star accolades at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 scoring 14 points in game 1 followed up with 10 points in game 2. An efficient mid-range shooter that can convert around the rim with contact. Standout for Garner Road on the circuit, Woods excelled in transition using his speed and length to score over smaller guards. Puts pressure on the defense off the bounce with a smooth handle and quick first step. Big Shots NC 2022 Watchlist.

Raleigh NC Top 150

Dylan Wiggins 6’4 F Clevland High (NC)/Garner Road | Dylan is inside-out versatile forward that averaged 14.5 ppg at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 named a 2022 All Star. He excelled in pick and roll actions showing his hands and finishing as well as popping for the 15 foot jumper. Efficient scoring forward that had 16 points in game 1, 13 points in game 2. High basketball IQ, active defender and competes on the glass at both ends of the floor. He passed well out of the post hitting cutters or opposite wing shooters. From the high post or wing he was able to attack bigger post players positioning himself inside to score.

Jesse Bryant G South Garner (NC)/Garner Road | Jesse had a big first game at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 scoring 14 points in game 1. Bryant got out in the break running his lane hard converting steals into points. In the half court attacked close outs on his driving buckets and hit the mid-range jumper at an consistent rate. Athletic combo guard that is a standout for Garner Road. Named 2022 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Joshua Rogosich 5′ 8 SG NRCA (NC)/Triple Threat | Three-point specialist that is knockdown shooter off the catch. Rogosich had the hot hand at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 connecting on three 3-fg’s scoring 14 points in game 1. Joshua shot 48% from the three point line in the Spring travel season. He can spread the floor and excelled with quick penetrating guards to spot up behind the arc. With a high basketball IQ he understands how to attack a hard close out using a shot fake to get by his defender at convert at the rim or hit the open teammate. The ball doesn’t stick with Joshua and is a fun player to play with. He had great energy at camp on both ends of the floor. A coach’s son that plays with passion and does the little things that help his team win games. Twitter: @3tbball

Raleigh NC Top 150

Julien King 5’8 G Broughton (NC)/Garner Road Bulldogs | For the second straight year, Julien was a top 2022 shooting combo guard in Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 hitting consistently from mid-range and from downtown. Efficient stroke, quick first step that can score off the bounce and catch. Active defensively getting hands on loose balls and converts defense into points at a rapid pace. Averaged 9 ppg in earning 2022 All Star honors at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.  Twitter: @jubron_2504

Raleigh NC Top 150
Omar Harris

Omar Harris 6’3 PG Washington County (NC)/Garner Road | Harris is an athletic, lengthy combo guard with an attacking mentality with the ball in hand that finishes plays at the rim. He uses his length and athleticism well to make plays at both ends. He shows his versatility defending positions 1-3 and offensively playing 1-3.  At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 scored  12 points in game 1 went on to average 10 ppg at camp earning 2022 all star honors. Twitter: @omarh2022

Chandler McNeil 2022 5’8” G Lumberton (NC)/ Flight 22 |  The basketball attacking mentality runs in the McNeil family like older brother Jordan, Chandler is relentless and fearless on the dribble drive. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 Chandler put pressure on the defense with his crafty handle and ability to get into the paint and make a play. He scored 12 points in game 1 finishing with his strong and off-hand at the rim. Chandler has the court savviness to slice through the defense and can make a play in traffic scoring or dishing. An efficient 3-point shooter with a smooth stroke but does most of his damage in the paint. Joins Big Shots NC 2022 Watchlist earning all star honors at Raleigh & Wilmington Top 150.

Ethan Stutts 2022 6’1 SF Carrboro (NC)/ CSB Select 2022 | Stutts is a versatile forward that can play and defend 2-4 positions. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150, Ethan averaged 9 ppg scoring 10 points in game 1. He was an active defender and plays with energy that converted into points off his defense. In the skill session he shot the 15-footer at a high rate, can stretch it to the 3 and stride out on his drive off the dribble to finish at the rim. Named 2022 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150

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