Raleigh, NC – In the 5th annual Big Shots Raleigh North Carolina Top 150, many of North Carolina’s top talent took center stage. In years’ past MVP’s have included Thomas Allen, Joey Baker, Day’Ron Sharpe and Greg Gantt Jr. Top 25 National 2020 talent & future Tar Heel Day’Ron Sharpe once again claims MVP honors. In a loaded 2021 group, NC’s top big in the class Will Felton named 2021 MVP. Let’s check out the top performers in the 2021 class at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150:

2021 All Stars 1st Team
MVP: William Felton 6’8 PF Millbrook
Jalen McDonald 6’5 W Knightdale
Elijah Jamison 6’1 G Louisburg
Terence Harcum 6’2 G Granville Central
Lucas Taylor 6’3 SG Heritage
Toby Harris 6’3 SG Durham Academy
Dalton Stroman 6’4 SF Richmond Sr

2021 All Stars 2nd Team
Kenny Noland 6’2 G
Griffin Hines 5’11 G Garner
Nygie Stroman 6’6 F Richmond Sr
Daymon Beckwith 6’0 G Liberty
Elijah Davis 6’4 W Jordan
Yashiya Crespin 6’5 PG Chapel Hill
Jadarain Chapman 6’2 FLumberton
Gavin Gillikin 5’11 G W Carteret

2021 All Stars 3rd Team
Tucker Morgan Northwood
Tom “TJ” Nyandoro 6’1 G North Raleigh Christian Academy
Xavier St. Hill 6’2′ G
Will Barefoot 6’4 SG Hilltop Christian School
Isaiah Holman 2021 5’8 PG NC
Jadarain Chapman 2021 6’2 SF Lumberton
Luke Proctor 2021 5’11 PG Apex Friendship

2021 All-Stars

Will Felton

William Felton 6’8 PF Millbrook (NC)/Garner Road | North Carolina’s top big man in 2021 was dominant inside at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 averaging 20 ppg to lead a team of Garner Road’s top prospects. Mr. Fundamental! Since age 12 I’ve been high on the big fella’ Will Felton as he’s worked and developed over the years into one of NC’s top bigs in 2021. When judging young prospects especially bigs a shoe size and length is something to judge how much they will grow; so when Will was wearing a size 18 and wingspan pushing over 7 feet I realized he was going to be a dominant force inside. The Garner Road program has traditionally developed big men into stars and Felton joins the list. The footwork and fundamentals are polished with back to the basket move using the body to shield.and score over both shouldiers, Power player off two feet finishing through contact shooting a high fg percentage as well as from the line. Now he is even stepping out shooting the 3 at a high rate. He hits the glass very hard at both ends and has great timing and techinique as a shot blocker to go get it without fouling. He has all the entangibles you want in a high level big and does all the little things that win games. MVP at Big Shots Myrtle Beach Live and 2021 MVP at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. Big Shots NC 2021 Top 5 that will attract many high major programs to Millbrook in the years to come.

Jalen McDonald

Jalen McDonald 6’5 SF Knightdale (NC)/Team Loaded NC | North Carolina’s top wing  and athlete in 2021, Jalen McDonald is a high major prospect! In 2016  Jalen had all the signs of being a high level prospect with his versatility to handle the ball, shoot the 3 and zig zag through defenses at his size scoring with ease. Now at 6’5 the supreme lefty athlete plays with a great pace effective on the drive and pull up game. He plays a point forward type with a fluid floor and abilities to sky above the rim able to finish in acrobatic ways. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he put on a dunk show in an all time legendary dunk contest vs. 2020 Kobe Jones. His skill work shined in skill session with footwork coming off screens and quick rising at the rim to finish. In the games McDonald averaged 16 ppg, scoring 17 points in game 1 hitting two 3’s and 15 points in game 2 He was a past MVP at Next Tfelton, NC Live, NC Tip and has proven to be a Top 5 2021 prospect in NC, Top 100 national talent.  Was a top 5 overall performer in camp.

Elijah Jamison

Elijah Jamison 6’2 G Louisburg (NC)/Team Loaded NC | In seeing his freshman year stat line of 25 ppg 7 rpg you could imagine the scoring, relentless, tough mentality that Elijah Jamison possessed. The high level guard showed that and more at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 scoring 23 points in game 1 to average 17 ppg for the camp. A strong explosive combo guard that attacks you at will with the ability to score from deep, pull up and on the floater. He gets it offensively from the PG spot understanding the gears, angles and how to use his  body to score. Jamison elevates on the mid-range jumper and has a deadly tear drop if he can’t get to the rim. Like all high level guards he has a knack to finish in traffic with contact. He will be heavily recruited as one of NC’s top 2021 point guards. Big Shots NC 2021 Top 10.

Terence Harcum

Terence Harcum 2021 6’2 SG Granville Central (NC)/ Garner Road | If you like scoring, motor, winning, playmaking instincts and a relentless drive game then Terence Harcum is your guy,. A proven winner and MVP performer for Garner Road on the Big Shots Circuit, Terrence always brings his lunch pale and goes to work at both ends of the floor.  The 3x MVP was all over the court at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 averaging 10 ppg and proving to be as good as any two-way guard in NC’s 2021 class. He has a knack to slither through the defense with burst absorbs contact and finishes over length with the left and right. Scores at 3-levels, continuing to be a consistent outside threat but his bread and butter is mid-range, in the break and at the rim. A high level reliable two-way player no matter the matchup or game, Harcum is ready to come at you with a fearless approach. One of NC’s top scoring guards in 2021 with a superb drive game, that will continue to shine as he grows and adds more to his game. At Granville Central he had a big freshman season and will build off of that in his sophomore campaign. Big Shots NC 2021 Top 10.

Lucas Taylor

Lucas Taylor 6’3 SG Heritage (NC)/Garner Road | Time and time again Lucas Taylor is proving he is North Carolina’s top shooter in 2021. Another all star season on the circuit with Garner Road he showed that once again. He was named MVP at Big Shots Myrtle Beach Live where he hit 12 3’s in one game for 44 points in 2017. The year prior he was on SportsCenter Top 10 hitting a game winning 70 foot shot at Big Shots Raleigh where he also was named MVP. He thrives in the big games and big moments and when you need a shot he delivers. The Raleigh NC Top 150 was same script as the elite shooter was filling it up from all 3-levels earning 2021 all star honors. In game 1 he scored 14 points. Standing at nearly 6’4 Taylor has length, handles with a quick first step and a lethal stroke. A shooter off the catch or dribble at an efficient rate. He lets the game come to him running off screens or cutting to score, never rushed and always on-balance. High level upside and a bright future for Lucas Taylor. Big Shots NC 2021 Top 15.

Dalton Stroman 2021 6’4 SF Richmond Sr (NC)/Richmond Jammers |  Athleticism and consistency were evident at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. A quiet assassin in his work Stroman put up 16.5 ppg scoring 15 points in game 1, 18 points in game 2. Dalton has a high basketball IQ understanding when to cut to score, how to use his length to produce offensively and defensively. A team player that hits the open and is efficient with his passes and shots playing to his strengths. A 3-level scorer with an ability to shoot the 3, but does majority of his damage using his athleticism in the paint. Named 2021 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Toby Harris 2021 6’4 SG Durham Academy (NC)/Big Shots Elite NC |I love shooters with length and size and at 6’4 Toby Harris brings that to the court. He has a pure stroke that when he shoots you think its going in. Harris scored 21 points in game two hitting three 3-fgs. At 6’4 high basketball IQ Harris has good upside with his ability to stretch the floor and use his length to effect shots. He starred on a Big Shots Elite NC 2021 that got better and better as the year went on where the consistently were playing for a title. Look for him to make an impact at Durham Academy will his shooting ability. Named 2021 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Griffin Hines 2021 5’11 G Garner (NC)/ Garner Road | A top 3-point specialist in Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 15015 pts 5 3’s game 1, 3 3’s 9 pts game 2, 12 ppg. All Star: Loaded – Shooter – Trains with Gilbert Abraham – Lefty Strokes – played JV as Fr

Elijah Davis

Elijah Davis 6’4 W Jordan (NC)/Team Felton | Elijah is a shooter with size, length, genes and a skill package to score in a number of ways. He is a coach’s son that has an outstanding feel for the game and a stroke to go with it hitting the deep ball or pull up jumper. As the son of Hubert Davis, assistant at UNC and former NBA standout guard, he’s seen and grown up around many of the games great ones advancing his IQ well beyond most his age. He does the little things that help his team win games.  Throughout the Big Shots Circuit the last two seasons, Elijah has been a consistent All Star for Team Felton at Big Shots Winston, Team Felton and MB Live. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he poured in 10 points in game 1, knocking down the mid-range jumper off the catch and dribble shake leaving even a defender on the ground. He thrives in clutch moments hitting several game winners and timely shots for his team. He played varsity as a freshman last year and the shooter will look to build on that with added strength, size and quicks in his sophomore run. Future Division 1 prospect that has a positive energy and production about him every time he takes the floor. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Yashiya Crespin 2021 6’5 PG Chapel Hill (NC)/ Garner Road  | Yashiya is a athletic versatile guard at 6’5 that was a breakout player at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 as predicted. Coming into camp he was one we were intrigued to watch after his play at the JD Lewis Fall League. He continued his strong play scoring 11 points in each game at camp. At 6’5 he has great size at the lead guard spot and has the stroke to play off the ball as well. Crispin used his length to shoot over smaller defenders and finishes with stretch at the rim. One to follow throughout the high school season and to keep an eye on in the years to come.

Kenny Noland 2021 6’2 PG NC Colorado Hawks | The top 3-point shooter in NC Top 150, Kenny Noland took home the crown 3-Point Champ going 9/10 from 3. He recently moved from New Mexico to North Carolina to gain more exposure, and Noland has got right to it putting up big numbers in the JD Lewis Fall League and lighting it up at Big Shots camp. He played this past circuit season with Colorado Hawks where he had several high scoring games with them At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he averaged 7 ppg, the stroke was evident and the talent is there for him to be a future Division 1 prospect.  One to eye throughout the season and opposing coaches better learn to find him early or he will burn you from deep. Twitter: imkennynoland

Nygie Stroman 2021 6’6 F Richmond Sr (NC)/ Richmond Jammers |  15 pts game 2, 10 pts game 1, All around game

Gavin Gillikin 2021 5’11 G West Carteret (NC)/Flight 22 | Gavin is a high basketball IQ player that can fill it up from deep. He puts time into his game and every time out you see the results.  At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150, Gillikin efficiently scored 11 points in game 1, 12 points in game 2. A knockdown shooter off the catch that moves well without the ball to get space for his jumper. If ran off the 3-pt line he has the court savviness to make a play. A coach’s son that understands the game, makes the extra pass and competes defensively. With his work ethic and the teaching he gets, Gavin will be a successful player at West Carteret and continue to develop his game into a college level player.  Also a high academic student athlete.

Charlie Miller 2021 5’10 G Lumberton (NC)/ Flight 22 | Coach’s son that see the next play and control tempo and the flow of the game at the point guard spot are fun to watch. Son of UNC Pembroke head coach Ben Miller and grandson of former Ohio State, Northern Iowa head coach Eldon Miller. Charlie continues to impress me with his ability to run a team, able to attack left and right and pass with either hand getting his scorers involved with his playmaking skills and score when his number is dialed. A pass first type lead guard with a smooth pull up game and quicks to get to the rim and score. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 Charlie scored averaged 10 ppg earning 2021 all star honors.

Darion Williams 2021 5’7 G New Hanover (NC)/ Flight 22 | Darion is a scoring combo guard that gets to the rim and converts. At 5’7 he plays much bigger than his size at the rim scoring 19 points in game two, averaging 15 ppg at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Daymon Beckwith 2021 6’0 PG Liberty Christian Academy (NC)/ 910 Vengeance | Attacking guard that will put pressure on you offensively and defensively. Throughout the Big Shots Circuit season Daymon Beckwith was a consistent all star playing up on the 16U division with 910 Vengeance putting up big numbers and helping lead his teams to wins. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he averaged 9 ppg getting out in transition and scoring on drives. Named 2021 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150.

Evan Gebhard 5’11 PG Ben Lippen (SC)/SC Ballers Elite |   Evan has been attending Big Shots Top 150 camps for four years now and each time out impresses me as he continues to get better and better. He did that once again at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 as his floor game was on display in averaging 8 ppg and a number of assists. Now training with Stephen Rodgers look for his confidence and  game to continue to rise. The Ben Lippen sophomore has made major strides in his game with added size he is scoring at the rim, hitting the pull-up and 3 with confidence and plays a high IQ game making reads allowing the game to come to him. He averaged 13 ppg at Big Shots SC Top 150 scoring 15 points in game 2 earning Top 10 2021 honors. Extremely hard worker at his craft that as shown over the years will only continue to climb. This is his second all time selection of the Fall circuit.

Isaiah Holman 2021 5’8 PG NC | Isaiah is a speedy, team first point guard with a quick first step and can finish at the rim at a high rate. The Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 3rd Team All Star averaged 14 ppg scoring 19 points in game 2. He has cerebral instincts with the ball in hand in the break and highly efficient in ball screen actions. Defensively, he causes havoc with his lateral quickness and ability to be at the right spot to make a play.

Jadarain Chapman 2021 6’2 SF Lumberton (NC)/ Flight 22 |  Drive it until they stop you is the mentality of Jadarain Chapman. He puts pressure on the defense off the dribble and proved that at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 scoring 18 points in game one. Joining the backcourt of Jordan McNeil and Charlie Miller, Lumberton has a backcourt that cause teams trouble with their drive game and playmaking abilities.

Luke Proctor 2021 5’11 PG Apex Friendship (NC)/ Big Shots Elite NC | Shooters shoot and Luke Proctor connects at a high rate at hitting the big shot. Throughout the season whenever Andy Pogach of Big Shots Elite NC needed a shot to go he was dialing up Luke Proctor’s number. The 5’11 combo guard has a pure stroke from downtown with a quick trigger and effortless release. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he earned 2021 all star honors scoring 14 points in game one. Luke is a shooter that sees the game and makes right reads. A coach’s son with a high basketball IQ and a stroke from the perimeter. Active in the passing lanes, runs his lane and plays to his strengths. At Apex Friendship with a division 1 big in Nick Farrar inside, Proctor is a shooter that you can’t help off or he will make you pay near every time.

Tom “TJ” Nyandoro 2021 6’1 G North Raleigh Christian Academy (NC) |  16 pts game 1, 7 pts game 2, TJ impressed me at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 not only with his production at 12 ppg but he was the most vocal player on the floor at all times. I talk about be great at the little things that do not take much talent and that is what TJ does for your team. In game one he scored 16 points he played fast, brought energy and was a standout for his team. Defensively he is active plays knees bent hands up and is quick to get out in transition converting defense into points. Well coached selfless player that you want on your team to help win games. Named 2021 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. Twitter: @Nyandoroo

Tucker Morgan 2021 Northwood (NC)/ Flight 22  | Tucker can score in a number of ways with the motor he has inside. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 Morgan was highly active inside scoring on drives, dump offs and in the break. He scored 18 points in game, 13 points in game two for an average of 15.5 ppg. He plays to his strengths using his length and active movement around the rim to score and be a factor. At Northwood, players carry a winning mentality and do all the things that can help their team win, Tucker Morgan carries those attributes.

Will Barefoot 2021 6’4 SG Hilltop Christian School (NC)/ Carolina United |  Versatile lefty that gets to his scoring spots and connects at a high rate. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 Barefoot was highly efficient 15-feet and in scoring 12 points in game 1, 13 points in game 2. The southpaw is above average leaper with quicks to make a play. At 6’4, he presents matchup issues for slower/bigger players as well as smaller defenders in the post with a number of post moves he uses. Barefoot can also stretch the floor with stroke and handle. He is a point forward type that excels most off the ball with his cutting and size. Defensively, Will is a dependable on-ball defender that knows angles and rotations. Named 2021 3rd Team All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. Twitter; will88993455

Xavier St. Hill 2021 6’2′ G NC Red Storm  | In the last game of the camp, Xavier St. Hill dug deep and showed what makes him go and that was his motor.  He scored 15 points majority on simply energy and using his long athletic frame to make a play. An attacking mindset off the dribble mixed  with a nice mid-range jump shot makes him a tough check on the perimeter, At 6’2” he can stride out scoring with one dribble from the wing finishing high with either hand! He is disruptive on defense that gets deflections and out in transition quick with his speed and vision to throw the look ahead pass. Named 2021 All Star at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. Twitter: @xmansthill

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