Wilmington, NC – In the 5th annual Big Shots Wilmington, North Carolina Top 150, many of North Carolina’s top talent took center stage. In years’ past MVP’s have included Quate McKenzie, Ricky Council II, Brandon Childress and Ricky Council IV. High flying Walter Ghaffar made his mark in earning 2021 MVP honors.  Chandler McNeil stood out as the top 2022 prospect. Let’s check out the top performers in the 2021 & 2022 class at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150.


2021 All Stars 1st Team
MVP: Walter Ghaffar 6’2 PG Fayetteville Academy NC
Brady Rankin 6’1 G Hoggard NC
Gavin Gillikin 5’11 G West Carteret
Charlie Miller 5’10 G Lumberton NC
Chris Daniels 6’0 PG Millbrook NC
Kellen Ballou 6’0 PG Terry Sanford NC

2021 All Stars 2nd Team
Caleb Coleman G Victory Christian
Lebron Reels G Eastern
Jadarain Chapman F Lumberton
Tyrone Barbee F Wallace-Rose Hill
Darion Williams G, Jalen Anderson G New Hanover
Justin Holland G Greenfield
Savaughn George G Broughton

2022 MVP: Chandler McNeil 2022 5’8 G Lumberton
Kameron Nassir Byrd 2022 6’5 F Walter Williams

2021 All-Stars

Walter Ghaffar

Walter Ghaffar 6’2 PG Fayetteville Academy (NC)/Angels Elite | Every time you see Walter take the floor you’re impressed with his athleticism and slashing ability. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 he averaged 14 ppg to earn 2021 MVP honors.Walter is a high flying 2021 guard that attacks the rim playing well above it and runs the floor using his athleticism to convert easy scoring opportunities. He’s a solid shooter from mid-range and has a strong stroke with range beyond the 3. He has an instinct for the ball and toughness to come up with the 50/50 ball. At 6’2 with combo guard capabilities , springy set and skill package with it he has the upside that intrigues you to be a future D1 prospect.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Brady Rankin

Brady Rankin 6’1 G Hoggard (NC)/Flight 22 | Once again Brady showed he was a top shooter in camp, going 13-15 3fg (26-30 total) in the 3-Point Shootout to win the title.   He averaged 9 ppg at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. A gym rat with a pure stroke proved to be the top 2021 shooter at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 and Wilmington NC Top 150. Brady has an effortless stroke from 3 off catch or the dribble. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 he 10 3-fg’s in two games. Rankin connected on five 3’s for 18 points game 1 followed up with five 3’s for 23 points in game 2. In averaging 21 ppg he showed he wasn’t just a shooter, Rankin attacks close outs and in transition scoring over length at the rim. In a well structured set system at Hoggard, Rankin is an ideal weapon for coach Brett Queen to dial up plays for the shooter to convert in the half court and on OB’s. Brady will be a top shooter in the Mid-Eastern Conference this upcoming season.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels 6’0 PG Millbrook (NC)/Team Felton | As a coach you want a point guard that you trust with the ball in his hands and for many years Chris Daniels has proven to be that college level reliable lead guard. He is a 2-time 2021 MVP at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. When evaluating young prospects you look at skill set, speed, size, length and foot size that in which Chris Daniels stands out in all categories deserving of being named 2021 MVP in two consecutive years at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. Starring for Team Felton on the Big Shots Circuit and at Millbrook Chris plays with pace, maturity and court vision you want in a floor leader. Doesn’t force plays that aren’t there even in a camp setting that can drift to that but makes the right read leading to him scoring or assisting. Like his skill set and upside. Advanced game with his footwork, ability to use left and right, shoots off the catch and dribble at a high efficiency rate. Daniels excels in ball screen actions able to pick apart the defense in reads to pass, get to the rim or hit the short game jumpers. A student-athlete that also carries a 3.5+ GPA. A PG in to watch in NC’s 2021 class.

Kellen Ballou 6’0 PG Terry Sanford (NC)/Team Wall Big East | Shooter with confidence and scoring ability at all 3-levels.  At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 Ballou averaged 12 ppg efficiently hitting the pull up off the dribble and from deep range off the catch. A high energy player that has a positive mindset on life and is a competitor. Takes pride on the defensive end. Pushes the ball in the break and runs his lane hard leading to scoring opportunities. High basketball IQ player that understands angles and has the vision to make the right reads. A combo player that with his shooting can play off the ball running off screens to score. Solid mid-range game and finisher over length. Ballou was a consistent all star on the Big Shots Circuit with Team Wall Big East.

Gavin Gillikin

Gavin Gillikin 5’11 G West Carteret (NC)/Flight 22 | At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 Gilikin once again lit it up from 3 scoring 17 points in game 1 hitting three 3-fgs and averaged 13 ppg. Gavin is a high basketball IQ player that can fill it up from deep. He puts time into his game and every time out you see the results.  At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150, Gillikin efficiently scored 11 points in game 1, 12 points in game 2. A knockdown shooter off the catch that moves well without the ball to get space for his jumper. If ran off the 3-pt line he has the court savviness to make a play. A coach’s son that understands the game, makes the extra pass and competes defensively. With his work ethic and the teaching he gets, Gavin will be a successful player at West Carteret and continue to develop his game into a college level player.  Also a high academic student athlete.

Jadarain Chapman 6’2 F Lumberton (NC)/Flight 22 |  An efficient showing at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 scoring 6 ppg in each game. Drive it until they stop you is the mentality of Jadarain Chapman. He puts pressure on the defense off the dribble and proved that at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 scoring 18 points in game one. Joining the backcourt of Jordan McNeil and Charlie Miller, Lumberton has a backcourt that cause teams trouble with their drive game and playmaking abilities. Now a two-time 2021 All Star for Flight 22 this fall.

Charlie Miller 2021 5’10 G Lumberton (NC)/ Flight 22 | Charlie showed he’s more than a facilitator as he had the hot hand at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 hitting four 3’s in game two for 15 points and averaged 12 ppg. Coach’s son that see the next play and control tempo and the flow of the game at the point guard spot are fun to watch. Son of UNC Pembroke head coach Ben Miller and grandson of former Ohio State, Northern Iowa head coach Eldon Miller. Charlie continues to impress me with his ability to run a team, able to attack left and right and pass with either hand getting his scorers involved with his playmaking skills and score when his number is dialed. A pass first type lead guard with a smooth pull up game and quicks to get to the rim and score. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 Charlie scored averaged 10 ppg earning 2021 all star honors. Now a 2-time all star this fall for Flight 22.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Tyrone Barbee

Tyrone Barbee 6’4 SF Wallace-Rose Hill (NC)/Truth Generation | Tyrone is a lengthy lefty slasher that has upside and versatility. His point production sometimes doesn’t show all that he does in the game; effecting shots, guarding multiple positions, pushes in the break, making the extra pass and finishing plays around the rim. Barbee’s frame, motor and drive game is intriguing and landed him on the 2021 All Star team at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150.

Caleb Coleman 2021 6’0 PG Victory Christian Center School (NC)/ Team Charlotte | Caleb is a high motor guard that used cutting and straight line drives to be productive at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. He scoring 10 points in game 2, averaged 8 ppg for the camp.  Coleman is plays with the Team CLT mentality a two-way guard that plays with energy, hits the glass at both ends of the floor and converts defense into offense. A quick first step on ball reversal attacking close outs and also in transition hitting gaps to score at the rim. Solid mid-range game that was most effective scoring in the paint. Named 2021 All Star at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150.

Lebron Reels 2021 6’2′ SG Eastern High School NC Eagles/ Felton |  Lebron plays with motor and instincts around the rim which led to production at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 scoring 12 points in game 1 hitting 2 3-fgs.  An inside-out guard that can score with strength inside and stretch the floor with his shooting. He averaged 11 ppg at camp earning 2021 all star accolades.

Jalen Anderson 2021 5’10 G New Hanover (NC)/Flight 22 Magic | New Hanover has always had speedy guards that push the action off the dribble and Jalen Anderson fits that mold. The sophomore guard is on track to be an impact player for Hanover this season and showed reasons why at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 averaging 10 ppg. He scored 13 points in game two hitting three 3-fgs. Looks to drive with the ball in hand but is confident in hitting the open 3. Takes pride defensively sliding his feet and in help side to make a play off the ball. Named 2021 All Star at camp.

Savaughn George 2021 6’2 G Broughton (NC) | In evaluating underclassmen prospects you look at intangibles & characteristics including skill set, size, hands, feet, genes. George brings much upside to the table and accounts for all of those qualities that you like in a player coming up the ranks. He plays with a positive energy shown in the skill session and carried over to the games. Broughton has a long list of standout guards and George does the little things that help teams win games. At 6’2 and has big hands and feet it shows signs he’s not done growing. A sleeper in that I will be keeping a close eye on as he continues to develop over the years. Named Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 2021 All Star averaging 9 ppg.

2022 All Stars

Chandler McNeil

Chandler McNeil 2022 5’8 PG Lumberton (NC)/ Flight 22 | Chandler impressed the scouts and crowd at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 scored 14 points in game 1, averaged 11 ppg and is named 2022 MVP. The basketball attacking mentality runs in the McNeil family like older brother Jordan, Chandler is relentless and fearless on the dribble drive. At Big Shots Raleigh & Wilmington NC Top 150 Chandler put pressure on the defense with his crafty handle and ability to get into the paint and make a play. In Raleigh he scored 12 points in game 1 finishing with his strong and off-hand at the rim. Chandler has the court savviness to slice through the defense and can make a play in traffic scoring or dishing. An efficient 3-point shooter with a smooth stroke but does most of his damage in the paint. Joins Big Shots NC 2022 Watchlist earning all star honors at Raleigh & Wilmington Top 150.

Kameron Nassir Byrd 2022 6’5 F Walter Williams (NC)/ Team Felton | Byrd is an athletic high flyer that plays above the rim. Competed in the dunk contest at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 and has been a familiar all star on the Big Shots Circuit. Hard straight line driver that has the length and athleticism that will attract interest in the years to come. 2022 All Star at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. Twitter: @Kameronb03

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