Wilmington, NC – In the 5th annual Big Shots Wilmington, North Carolina Top 150, many of North Carolina’s top talent took center stage. In years’ past MVP’s have included Quate McKenzie, Ricky Council II, Brandon Childress and Ricky Council IV. Scoring combo guard Jordan McNeil was named 2020 MVP.  Let’s check out the top performers in the 2020 class at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150.


2020 All Stars 1st Team
MVP: Jordan McNeil Lumberton
Wes Case Eastern Wayne
Reece Edwards Laney
Jamison Long Topsail
Quincy Martin,Jr Northside
Sebastian Haidera Hoggard
Marcus Boykin, Javarus Keith Harrells Christian
Jacari Outlaw Greenfield School

2020 All Stars 2nd Team
Derek Gardner 5’11 G Topsail
Jackson Sullivan 6’3 F Topsail
Adam Norman 6’3 G Village Christian
Xavier Kinlaw 5’8 G Conway SC
Tim Steele 6’4 F Conway SC
Malachi Borders 5’10 G Lejeune

2020 All-Stars

Wilmington NC Top 150
Jordan McNeil

Jordan McNeil 6’1 G Lumberton (NC)/Flight 22 | Jordan was named 2020 MVP at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 scoring 28 points in game 1. An efficient scoring combo with a competitive edge that can fill it up from 3 and brings relentless pressure on the drive. McNeil led all 2020 scorers at 25 ppg at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. A consistent all star playing up in the 17U division for Flight 22 at Big Shots MB Live, Felton, Flight 22 & Florida Live. As he did at camp, Jordan put up big numbers all season long. A balanced guard that can shoot the 3, likes taking big shots and can put pressure on the defense with his attacking mentality off the bounce. With his touch around the rim he is crafty scoring with the left and right and has the strength to fight off contact to finish. He competes creating offense getting into the passing lanes and rebounding at both ends. Expect him to continue to light it up this season at Lumberton. Division 2- LM Division 1 prospect that is attracting that interest.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Quincy Martin Jr.

Quincy Martin Jr. 6’6 SF Northside (NC)/910 Vengeance | Athletic, versatile forward that creates a mismatch offensively and covers multiple positions on the defensive end. Quincy was a breakout performer in the 2020 class at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 averaging 11 ppg and showing a wide range of skills and defensive intangibles that will attract interest from the college level.  A standout all season with 910 Vengeance on the Big Shots Circuit, we enjoy watching him utilize his skill set and play to his strengths. Martin Jr is a big bodied wing with a versatile game scoring inside-out crafty around the rim with either hand. Aggressive in the pinch post setting, from the wing on close outs and from the high low action. He recognizes a mismatch in the post verse smaller guards and handled the ball well in the break scoring or hitting the open man. A college prospect that will attract D1/D2+ interest.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Reece Edwards

Reece Edwards 5’11 G Laney (NC)/Flight 22 | Top 3 point shooter in game action at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 hitting seven 3-fgs in 2 games. Reece’s pull up game was again automatic at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 averaging 15.5 ppg and named to the all star team for the 3rd time this fall. A coach’s/players son (dad Cee played at Presbyterian) that understands the game and has a stroke to go with it. He is able to break you down off the dribble and a ‘can’t leave’ guy on the perimeter. A paint chipper that applies pressure and uses his body to shield off and rise up to score. Efficient mid-range game, hit countless shots in the paint off the dribble.  Big Shots NC 2020 Top 100 prospect

Wilmington NC Top 150
Wes Case

Wesley Case 5’10 G Eastern Wayne (NC)/Flight 22 | Top high flyer in camp for the second straight year, Wes Case showed his explosiveness and stroke at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. There’s some players that play a relentless, fearless game and Wes Case is one of them. In 2017, he was named 2020 Co-MVP at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 and followed it up in 2018 averaging 12 ppg and named 2020 1st team all star. At 5’10 the high flying lefty is always looking to posterize you at the rim any chance he gets. He is an extremely springy, swing guard that attacks angles and gaps with burst to score or attract a defender for a dish. But if he can’t get there the pure lefty stroke comes out where he can drain shots from mid-range and beyond the arc  with confidence. A two-sport star that splits his team between baseball and the hardcourt which he is a college athlete in both. Outstanding character on and off the court. Big Shots NC 2020 Top 60.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Sabastian Haidera

Sabastian Haidera 5’11 PG Hoggard (NC)/Flight 22 | Another sharpshooting sniper that you can run sets for and cannot leave open. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150, Haidera averaged 10 ppg and once again showed why is a top shooter in Wilmington’s Mid Eastern Conference, Sebastian is a knockdown 3-point specialist that can also score off the dribble. Scored 16 points in game 1, 12 ppg for the camp earning 2020 Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 100 all star honors. Fundamental sound player that will excel very much in a Hoggard’s system. Setting shooting records in pre-season workouts at Hoggard. Confident player that plays with a burst in his step. Top 10 shooter in NC’s 2020 class. BIG SHOTS NC 2020 Top 120 prospect.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Jacari Outlaw

Jacari Outlaw 6’5 G Greenfield (NC)/NC Heat | Outlaw is a lengthy shooting guard full of upside and a skill package that intrigues Division 1 programs. A consistent all star with NC Heat on the Big Shots Circuit.  The 6’5 wing plays with a high motor staying active on the glass, gets out in transition leading to easy buckets in the break or off putbacks. He moves well without the ball cutting hard to find the open spots on the floor to score. A shooter with feel and frame that will attract interest from D1 schools. Alongside Djimon Bailey in the backcourt look for Jacari to have a breakout year for Greenfield. Named 2020 All Star at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. Twitter: jacari24

Wilmington NC Top 150
Jamison Long

Jamison Long 5’10 G Topsail (NC)/Flight 22 | Knockdown shooters find a home at the next level and Jamison Long can fill it up from 3. Jamison is a point guard but plays combo with his stroke; was a top 3 shooter at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. In two games, Long hit 9 3’s to lead the camp scoring 13 points in game 1, followed up with 6 3’s in game 2 for 21 points. A smooth release on his jumper, sees the floor making right reads on offense and defense. High basketball IQ player that knows how to get open in the half court off screens or in transition to free himself up for a look. He can play combo due to his ability to shoot the ball. Averaged 17 ppg at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 earning 2020 1st Team All Star accolades.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Marcus Boykin

Marcus Boykin 6’0 G Harrell’s Christian (NC)/Team ENC | Marcus is a downhill driving point guard that puts pressure on the defense with his penetration and quicks. He can score over length at the rim and hit the pull up stretching it with range behind the arc. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 he averaged 12 ppg scoring 15 points in game 1. A facilitator that make productive reads in the break and in the half court especially in ball screen actions. He has a go-to floater in the paint and can finish through contact with either hand. Liked his energy and talk on defense as he come up with deflections that led to points at the other end. Named 2020 Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 All Star.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Adam Norman

Adam Norman 6’3 G Village Christian (NC)/FloTown Bruins | One of the most vocal leaders in camp, Norman’s energy was contagious in the skill session as a leader for his group. He can shoot the 3, has a strong frame to fight off contact to score in traffic. Like his mid-range game and footwork to come off screens to score or drive. He hits the offensive glass that leads to extra possessions for his team. Norman does the little things that help teams win games and led to him earning a spot on the all star team at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Javarus Keith

Javarus Keith 5’10 PG Harrells Christian (NC)/Truth Generation | Point guards with juice off the bounce, switch gears and hit a smooth pull up at all levels attract your eye and Javarus Keith did just that. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150, Keith averaged 10 ppg scoring 12 points in game 2. He has a smooth release to his jumper confident to get his shot off at any time off the dribble. He hits gaps and can create for himself or a teammate with the ball in hand. Named 2020 All Star at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150.

Jackson Sullivan 2020 6’3 F Topsail (NC)/ Flight 22 | Topsail is loaded with shooters from the outside and Jackson Sullivan is another sniper on the perimeter that is a can’t leave guy. He filled it up at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 as the 2020 all star scored in double digits each game to average 11.5 ppg. Sullivan is a tough nosed play rebounds well out of his area as well, defends multiple positions 1-4 and is versatile to put it on the deck as a secondary ball handler to play penetration kick game.

Derek Gardner 5’11 G Topsail (NC)/Flight 22 | Gardner is the 3 in the trio of Topsail shooters in Jamison Long and Jackson Sullivan. The mic was hot for Topsail guards and so were the nets as Gardner stretched the floor and averaged 11 ppg at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. A quick trigger on his release he knows how to get open to get it off. A high basketball IQ player that makes the extra pass sometimes passing up a good shot for a great shot. Like his feel for the game, earned 2020 all star honors.

Tim Steele 2020 6’4 F Conway (SC)/ Big Shots Wallace | Steele is a big body forward that can bang inside and stretches the floor with his stroke.  Shooting forwards are a value in today’s game to open up the court plus he has the frame to battle inside for rebounds and hold down the paint at the other end.  Inside-out offensively with a comfort to put it on the deck and pass off the dribble. Liked his hook shots with his back to the basket and aggressiveness on the glass. All Star at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. Twitter: @TimothySteele

Xavier Kinlaw 2020 5’8 G Conway (SC)/Big Shots Wallace | Speedy point guard with the ball that can hit the 3 and create in the paint. Kinlaw brought good energy on the floor and set the tone. He created offense with his active hands in the passing lanes. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 he hit 4 3-fgs in 2 games for an average of 9 ppg. He was a top passer on his team attracting defenders with his drive and kicking to wide open shooters. Twitter: _ZK_7

Wilmington NC Top 150
Malachi Borders

Malachi Borders 5’10 G Lejeune (NC)/910 Vengeance | I quickly noticed Borders stroke in warm ups and it carried over to the skill session where he was energized and locked in. A vocal leader on his team, Borders was directing players and leading by example. The Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 2020 all stat is shot maker off the catch, was tucked shot ready and has a smooth release on his jumper. A strong combo guard that made the correct reads passing the ball with the kick ahead pass or penetrate and kick game. He’s an extra pass guy that shooters like himself like to play with.

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