Wilmington, NC – In the 5th annual Big Shots Wilmington, North Carolina Top 150, many of North Carolina’s top talent took center stage. In years’ past MVP’s have included Quate McKenzie, Ricky Council II, Brandon Childress and Ricky Council IV. Continuing his hot fall showing, Khalil Ridges averaged 31 ppg earning 2019 MVP honors.  Let’s check out the top performers in the 2019 class at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150.

Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150
2019 All Stars
MVP: Khalil Ridges 2019 6’2 G Southern Lee (NC) Flight 22
BJ Mclaurin 2019 6’7 F 71st (NC) Flight 22
Jahrique Isaiah 2019 5’11 G Loris (SC) Confidence Cougars
Shiquaun Conyers 2019 6’0 G South Columbus (NC) Flight 22
Javon Outlaw 2019 6’4 PG Wayne Country Day (NC) NC Heat
Antonio Carter 2019 6’3 SG White Oak (NC) Royal Elite
Aaron Pierce 2019 6’0 PG Lejeune (NC) Royals Elite

2019 All-Stars

Wilmington NC Top 150
Khalil Ridges

Khalil Ridges 6’2 G Southern Lee (NC)/Flight 22 | Players that take advantage of the Fall season seem to find success in earning scholarships, Khalil Ridges has been a breakout performer this Fall circuit with Flight 22 that is worthy of that. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 Khalil played with a passion and purpose to score at will and he did just that averaging 31 ppg. In the two games he hit 9 3-fgs scoring 28 points in game 1, 34 points in game 2 earning 2019 MVP honors. The explosive combo guard was a bucket getter at Big Shots Wilmington & Raleigh NC Top 150 attacking in the break scoring at the rim and showing his quick trigger from deep. In Raleigh NC Top 150 he scored 18 points in game 1, 31 points in game 2 in a thrilling matchup vs. DJ Horne & Greg Gantt Jr.  He was named 2017-18 Tri-County 6 Conference Player of the Year at Southern Lee. Ridges is a two-way guard that plays with burst, converting defense into points in a hurry and can score in all facets of the dribble in the half court. Has a positive energy about him, a joy to have at camp. Division 2 prospect that should be receiving that interest soon.

Wilmington NC Top 150
BJ McLaurin

BJ McLaurin 6’7 F 71st (NC)/Flight 22 | Versatile forwards that stretch the floor are a hot commodity these days and BJ McLaurin excels in that role. McLaurin continues to play himself into a D1 prospect and attracted his first offer following the event. At 6-7 he provides a lot of versatility offensively as his outside shot continues to become more consistent. Plays with a solid motor on the glass. McLaurin is another stretch forward at 6’7 who shows a vast amount of versatility offensively and defensively. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 BJ hit three 3fgs each game showing his perimeter skills in a 27 point, 24 point outings. He created a mismatch and attacked it all day. At Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 McLaurin averaged 23 points in game 1 hitting two 3’fgs. Followed that up with 18 points in game 2. He shows that he is comfortable operating offensively on the perimeter. Like Michael Walsh, McLaurin is a player who has the foot quickness to guard on the perimeter and creates a mismatch at the other end either with length or speed. He is able to knock down mid-range and three-points jumpers at a consistent rate. McLaurin does a good job on the glass especially offensively playing with a relentless motor. Starred for Flight 22 on the Big Shots Circuit as a consistent all star. Added his first offer following the event from Fayetteville State.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Jahrique Isaiah

Jahrique Isaiah 5’11 PG Loris (SC)/Confidence Cougars | Pace PG with skill package and quicks,  Isaiah was the breakout performer at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. He had the ball on absolute string all day, being arguably the top ball-handler at camp. His handle allowed him to get in the paint where he made the extra pass and did a good job finishing around the rim himself. Isaiah showed a consistent three-point shot rarely missing for the day. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 he scored 14 points in game 1, 15 points in game 2 hitting two 3-fg’s in each game. He showed active hands defensively that allowed him to get out in transition where he seemed to love to attack the rim. Isaiah is a guard that plays with great pace as well changing gears, getting to his spots and never rushed. Division 2 prospect that impressed scouts and coaches and should continue to pick up interest as the season progresses.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Shiquaun Conyers

Shiquaun Conyers 6’0 G South Columbus (NC)/Flight 22 | Players that take pride in defense, especially in a camp setting, stand out to me in a major way and Conyers was clearly the top on-ball defender at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. Picking up 3/4 court Shaquan was locked in a stance defensively with quick feet and hands showing he is that shutdown lead guard that can set the tone.  In talking with his high school coach Bryant Edwards, it’s the part of Shiquaun’s game that he takes the most pride in and it showed in his play and on the scoreboard for his team. A plus-minus chart would have him near the top as he scored 16 points in game 1 and locked down the opponent’s top scorer. Offensively, he consistently hit the mid-range jumper and finished with contact and touch on his layups. As a true PG he runs the show for his team at both ends of the floor. Expect for him to be a top player in his conference heading into his senior season.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Javon Outlaw

Javon Outlaw 6’4 SG Wayne Country Day (NC)/NC Heat |  Outlaw is a lengthy combo guard at 6’4 with a 6’7 wingspan that can cover ground and has the stroke to go with it. At Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 Javon showed his stroke in skills session and his athleticism in games off the dribble at the rim. Quick of his feet rebounding at both ends and gets out in transition leading to easy buckets. All Star on the Big Shots Circuit with NC Heat continued his all star showing at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. Javon was 2017 3-point shootout champion at Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150. Javon’s combination of efficiency, unselfishness and shot making ability with length finds success and intrigues with upside.

Wilmington NC Top 150
Antonio Carter

Antonio Carter 6’3 SG White Oak (NC)/Royals Elite | Motor is key for any player especially slashers like Carter and he was high active at both ends of the floor. The Big Shots Wilmington NC Top 150 2019 All Star Carter showed his smooth skill set in skills session able to put the ball on the deck and work through traffic to score. He has a consistent mid-range pull up and can stretch the floor shooting the 3. In game 1 he scored 11 points averaged 8 ppg for the camp and was a top rebounder for his team. With his ability to handle he can lead the break off the rebound and has the size to defend and play multiple positions. He recognized a mismatch against smaller guards and was aggressive in the post and on the offensive glass.

Aaron Pierce 2019 6’0 PG Lejeune (NC)/ Royals Elite | One of the more vocal leaders in the 2019 group added strength to his frame helped Aaron Pierce earn his way on the 2019 All Star team. He scored 13 points game 2 shooting the 3 and attacking the basket off a shot fake and rip through. With a strong frame and creativity at the rim he was able to finish through contact and over length. A team guy that makes the extra pass and makes the right play even if he passes up a shot for a better shot. Hard worker that is going to put the time into his game and you are seeing the results.

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